Ultima Underworld Bugs


Brief blog post from one of the UU leads. I love reading stories like this especially from a developer I respect so much.

Time to fire up Underworld for another go…

I played that game twice, before Doom or any other FPS. Other than rudimentary line-drawing dungeons in early Ultimas, it was my intro to the first-person perspective in PC games. I don’t recall a single bug, and back then patches were unknown. The fact that the 1st-person window only took up about 1/4th of the screen didn’t bother me then. I just remember being amazed that something like that was possible.

Great look-back. Thanks for posting.

I tried to start this up since I missed it in my childhood days, but combat seemed very wonky. I appreciate what they accomplished for PC gaming with this game, but I can’t get into it.

I’ll never forget seeing the multi-page ad for Ultima Underworld in Computer Gaming World. It was one of those inserts that you could rip out of the magazine, and I think it was around 8 to 10 glossy pages of ads. Prior to that day I never saw the need to have a PC (I had Macs before that). Seeing that ad prompted me to buy a PC, just so I could play that one game - the start of a love affair with computer gaming.