Ultimate Fighter 4 finale tonight

Anyone else plan on watching the finals for TUF 4 tonight?

I think Cote and Serra will take their figths, respectively. Cote has better stand-up than Lutter, and I think Cote will be able to keep it standing as well. Cote TKO via ref’s stoppage Rd 2.

Quite the reverse, I think Serra has decent takedowns, and obviously has better BJJ than Lytle. Serra by sub (RNC?, just a guess), Rd 2.

Looking forward to the next PPV as well. I hope GSP puts the beatdown on Hughes.

I think Lutter and Serra, both pretty easily. A lot of people seem to think Cote is a shoe-in, but he’s got no ground game, and Lutter will take him down.

I think it’s the worst season by far so far though, although an interesting idea. The fights have been awful, and the lack of real coaching has made that aspect of the show boring too - a lot of them don’t seem to have meaningfully trained at all.

Agreed. The entire season was rather blah. Shonie provided some humor and I liked watching Serra take on the role as coach, yet little else interesting.


Well, Lutter was all over that. That type of armbar is really hard to defend. We’ve been working on it at my gym for the past few weeks. When that foot gets hooked under the far arm, it’s really tough to get away. Slick groundwork from Lutter.

WOW! At the Sell/Smith fight!


Great action. And the end! Awesome. Hope to continue to see those guys in the octagon.

That was a highlight reel finale for sure. There’s nothing like 2 strikers just throwing haymakers.

The main events I guess went as I expected. These guys are going to get killed by Silva and Hughes/St. George. Lutter might have some chance just because his wrestling is so decent, but he’s not going to be able to walk in on Silva without getting hit like he did to Cote.

The Serra was pretty terrible, I thought, and the judging was bizarre - how could 2 judges give Serra all 3 rounds, and the other judge give all 3 rounds to Lyttle? I actually thought Lyttle probably won the first round, but Serra probably got the other 2 based upon aggression, but there wasn’t a ton to score in any of the rounds, and they were pretty even.

Oh well, on to St. Pierre/Hughes round 2.

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What I like about watching this is the sportsmanship. Two guys beating the hell out of each other and in between rounds they’re hugging each other and extending compliments on style, etc.

Refreshing to say the least.