Ultimate General: Gettysburg - Released!

Ultimate General Gettysburg is out on Steam in early access forum and there is a lot to like from a crisp simple UI, to a very modable AI, it reminds me a ton of Sid Meier’s Gettysburg and that’s a good thing!

Thats the one from the guy who modded the Total War series, Darth, right? Looks interesting. Thanks for the link!

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$10 , ONLY $10 , WHAT THE WHAT?

So Early access and 70% finished…

From the STEAM page:

What the developers have to say:
Why Early Access?
“Ultimate General Gettysburg is almost finished, but we wanted to involve community in improving the game. We plan to implement weekly patches focused on adding new features, improving AI, balance and game performance. In the Early Access version, you may encounter bugs, performance and compatibility issues, FPS drops that may affect your experience.”
How long will this game be in Early Access?
“From 30 to 60 days depending on the amount of new feature requests from players.”
How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“Certain features that we believe are important to players are not in the game yet and are in process of internal testing.

Early access supports English language only - we want to fix all texts first before we start localization.
It is initially available for PC only - we will be adding Mac and Linux with patches
It does not have multiplayer yet - it is in internal testing
Some functionality could be missing

For full list of known issues please refer to:
Known issues (Updated 15/10/2014) - Support - Game-Labs Forum
What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“70% of content is in the game. For more information refer to the known issues link above”
Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“Early access edition is cheaper than the release version. As the game is improved and new features are added the price will increase.”
How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“We fully endorse community driven development. We want players to actively participate in shaping the product, by providing feedback on existing content, by offering new ideas, and by voting on development priorities.”

Yup same guy

Well, shit. I hope Steam sales won’t have a whole lot. I already spent too much recently.

And it runs very well even on my older PC. Plays exactly like in the video and quite fun.

Not one of y’all could link to the actual Steam page itself? Not one? ;)

This game will be mine. Oh yes, it will be.

GAH! I was hoping this would wait a bit! Ok, ok, calm down. I’ll just have to wait until after finals, then get this.

Right now all I want to do is fire up Glorious Burden and play this. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Let me know how it is, I really really want to know.

It’s harder to buy it , if it’s not linked directly! I was thinking of people’s wallets. :D

Comments on the steam forums are that is really well done so far, but battles are fast and frantic , sometimes armies turn into grey/blue blobs of hand to hand combat (god dammit HOLD THE LINE!!!).


Wasn’t planning on buying the game until I saw that it was only $9.99. It’s not really worth waiting for a sale at that price.

I picked it up last night and the first battle I had was very encouraging.

I know almost nothing about the Civil War, (it wasn’t taught in English schools for some reason), but I have been to Gettysburg and walked the ground, seen the valley of death and that farmhouse with a cannonball hole in it. I don’t know anything about force disposition, anticipated reserves or key terrain. I don’t know whether the battle was decisive, or would have been if the south had won and I don’t know about the aftermath.

The few pieces of information my brain presents to me when I think about Gettysburg that I have picked up via osmosis are that the battle lasted a number of days, (three?). It wasn’t necessarily supposed to be a big battle, it just sort of happened. The Union had only light forces on hand at the start and so played spoiler at the beginning. That’s pretty much it. All of which could be wrong.

As a result, a Civil War Purist would probably blanch at the way I handled the Union forces last night, but it was a lot of fun. I used the skirmishers extensively - probably a little too much and a little too closely to regular infantry - and tried to keep the vedettes moving in a more classic light infantry role, charging them to flank into enemy artillery whenever I saw an edge exposed.

I used the only unit of Union artillery available at the start poorly, because I didn’t understand their long reloading times, (I thought they weren’t doing anything), and then I accidentally gave them a move order that led to half of them being shot down between hills.

Eventually though, various reserves appeared to the south west and I got them into line pretty nicely and never felt in trouble after that. At one point some confederate infantry units widened a little too far and I saw a chance to push the skirmishers down off my hill again through that seam and threaten the enemy guns. Those skirmishers got almost all the way to those guns without notice and drove the artillery off in a panic.

The AI responded to this by turning a unit of infantry on its left shoulder and marching them across no man’s land in front of my men, with vedettes harassing them all the way. I sent the Iron Brigade down to hit them in the flank as they crossed it and the Confederate brigade broke and tried to run back to friendly lines, taking rifle and artillery fire the whole way.

This ended the first day - the Confederates had done a good job going around us to the north and were unlucky I was marching some late-arriving brigade that way when they pushed their attack, meaning I blunted it and then put skirmishers into its flank to drive it back, although they held the ground there as we were too weak to push them off what they’d taken. In the middle the Confederate attacks felt like probes, although something large was mounting directly east of the town, before the AI had to respond to my sudden attack in the middle. We didn’t exactly “round them up” on our left flank after that, but we did constantly harass them there with vedettes and I made them reposition their artillery three or four times, which took an appropriately long time and, when my artillery reserves showed up, it gave a significant advantage to me in that area.

Confederate forces seemed to have a significantly higher morale, but I could chip away at this by making them come to me. Also, they seemed highly allergic to having their flanks or seams threatened and if two brigades tried to march as one, I could split that advance by threatening the flank of one unit with vedettes or skirmishers, so the blow would land piecemeal, rather than all as one.

On the mechanical side, the game looks fantastic. The ground is lush and the little puffs of rifles and big clouds from the artillery are great. I’d like to see a bit more “oomph” when a round lands, but I spent the night firing solid shot, rather than shells, so that may explain that. The AI seemed good, although I deliberately picked one to be more comfortable for me while I was learning the UI. AI comes in multiple flavours and is selected across a matrix of skill and aggression - picking the bottom right option will get you a highly aggressive, poorly skilled opponent, while the top left would see you face someone highly skilled, but very cautious. There’s a random option too.

I went for a middling AI and it definitely seemed promising. It constantly pressured the far right of my line and got behind me once over there. On the left, where the main body of my force was it committed one brigade and one unit of skirmishers early to dislodge my skirmishers and guns, then once I settled into a main line it attempted to mass its forces more for a proper thrust. It was very reactive and protective of its guns and the fighting happened in waves - Confederate forces would come on, exchange volleys, fall back out of rifle range, regroup and then push again.

In the first half of the battle I had some issues controlling my lines, but then I RTFM and found out the middle mouse button is used to change facing and things got better. Even so, when I pulled my skirmishers across a small river and had them facing the wrong way, the AI turned my men to face the right way as soon as an enemy unit appeared to be marching on them, somewhat saving me from myself.

At the end of the day I’d lost a thousand men and then enemy had lost about 1500 and the game declared day one a draw. It then offered me three options I could take, which seemed to give me the chance to consolidate my lines to the rear overnight, if I felt like I was paper thin in defence, or to hold ground. I didn’t get to use those choices though, as I had to turn off for the night.

I played a full battle.

Impressions: It’s funny how Darth mods for total war did (among many other things) slow down the combat. Because this game feels much more hectic than even Rome 2. Many many units to control and during attacks many things can happen (of course you can always pause, but still). Now he’s making a game and people are clamoring for him to do what he did for the mods. I wonder if this game will be moddable…

The AI seemed decent (way better than total war’s), which is so rare for the genre as to seem exceptional, although I was able to get it into a killbox at the end of the third day that turned a defeat into a marginal victory. Also, given the small amount of maps available, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was somewhat scripted.

It also looks very nice, although a little too busy. Moreover, the UI is really bad, in my opinion. It was hard to see that was happening and why, and unit information is hard to come by (it’s placed in the upper right corner, which which is really counter intuitive). I hope UI and menus are temp, because otherwise that could really harm the game.

The campaign systems seems workable, although at the time there’s not enough information given about your strategic choices. That part of the game is clearly WIP, so it should improve.

As of now, the game seems ok (certainly worth the $10 bucks) but it lacks certain “gravitas” or grounding in history to make the experience stand out for me. Still, early access. Could become really good…

There doesn’t seem to be a tutorial and when I click on “online guide” nothing happens. Is there any way to change the facing of my units without actually moving them?
I’m not quite sure what I’m suppose to be doing with my cavalry units.

How is the game speed? It looks much too fast for my taste. I like to actually see the games I play.

Click your unit, then hold the middle mouse button and you can rotate your unit.

I also thought nothing happened when I clicked online guide, but it turns out it opens in a browser window… That I didn’t notice until I closed the game.

It’s a neat little game for $10 and I have to say that the drag to select unit movement path is one of the most ingenious things I’ve come across in a strategy game-it’s the first game that I’ve encountered that employs that. That said, I have to say that it does make me want to play a slightly meatier, slower game like Take Command 2 but with better graphics.

I only got to play for about 10 minutes this morning, but I thought the same thing about the movement path mechanism…
It looks pretty good for a $10 early access, definitely got that Sid Meier’s Gettysburg vibe. If only it were slowed down just a tad…

I sunk an hour into this lastnight, as the Union I lost Gettysburg. :( I have failed us all.

The game is really well done, and flanking just kills enemy moral and also my units moral when it happens to me.

Things that need work imho are, my cannons don’t seem to fire very much, maybe its a LOS issue, but they seemed to be able to see the enemy. Also its hard to tell where high ground is vs low ground. Game speed does seem a bit high, but I am still learning, I figure once I understand how everything works better, the speed might actually be just right.

Overall this thing is a steal at $10.

Here is a random screen from the start of the game where I am failing to hold McPhersons Ridge.

Basic things apply when playing , HIGH ground is important, being in cover is important, flanking is important.

I’m also enjoying this game! The pace is indeed kind of fast, and normally I hate that, but in this case it’s manageable. It has a good side effect: I actually have a chance of playing the entire battle in a reasonable amount of time. It’s about 1:6 time, isn’t it? 1 minute takes about 10 seconds or so?

I agree, we need an overlay or some sort of better indicator of where the high ground is. As for your artillery, was it possible it was simply reloading? That takes a while.

Anyway, so far I’m impressed with the AI, and the map is quite pretty. A great deal for 10 bucks.

No, it said it was 100% reloaded, they just never fired. I am pretty sure its a LOS issue.