Ultimate Spider-Man!

So, anyone played this yet? I’m looking forward to this even more than X-Men Legends 2, so please tell me if it’s awesome, and details.

Also, the DS version already has some good reviews. Anyone know how it stacks up to the console version?

Looked ace at e3.

All I nkow about the DS version (didnt see IT at e3) is that when playing as venom, the stylus controls tentacles.

So, points for tentacle touchscreen control.

You know, I really didn’t expect an American game to be the first to do this.

All I want to know is if they kept the web slinging simulation style and if the city is still free roaming like Spiderman 2.

The buzz, and my great hope, is that it is more free roaming… more small time crimes to solve, etc. I never played SM2, because I heard that the free-roamingness boiled down to solving the same three or four incidents over and over again. What I’m so hoping for is a wide variety of stuff that just occurs randomly as you swing around town.

When Spiderman 2 came out I felt (and posted) that it was a medocre game with an amazing web slinging simulation tied to it. I recently bought it used just to be able to swing around town and save a faceless guy every now and then. If it had true 5.1 surround and even custom soundtracks (the soundtrack in Spidey 2 was atrocious) it would’ve made the game orders of magnatude better. :)

Hopefully the freeroamingness is substantially engaging, because the main game is apparently like five hours long. Look beautiful, though, and Venom can get me to buy things I really shouldn’t.

Really? Who says?

Really? Who says?[/quote]

I believe an intern at work finished it inside of a workday. That’s hearsay, though.

Don’t your interns have 20 hour work days though?

Only on my show. This was another show.

Any word on the controls for the PC version?

So apparently they dumbed down the web slinging. I was watching an interview on AOTS where the desiger said he wanted to make it so any kid can walk up to a kiosk with Ultimate SpiderMan and websling instantly with ease.

shakes head :/

Tried a friend’s copy and wasn’t all that impressed. The webslinging and combat is pretty weak and definately ‘dumbed-down’ from Spiderman 2. Forcing us to partake in lame city races or other optional-yet-obligatory shenanigans just to advance the story isn’t wholly enticing either.

The animated comic-panel clips pushing the plotline ARE brilliant though. Lots of Marvel cameos hamfisted into the crude narrative as well. Watching the game was a more satisfying experience than playing.

Damn. Had high hopes.

Heh, I was reading a review or preview of this game (can’t remember which, not really that important) that made it seem like besides adding Venom, they’d only removed stuff from the game.

Simpler webslinging, simpler combat, no more wall running, no more spriting, no more charged jumps…

Apparantly Venom isn’t even any fun to play.

I’ve played it at EB a few times, and I’m not having fun with it. The web slinging is very dumbed down compared to the Spider man 2. The part that really pissed me off is the fact your forced to play mini games to advance. Venom really bored me , I agree though the comic book cut scenes are excellent.

Wow, thanks a lot, I almost got this game too… :).