Ultimate Star Trek collection! A bargain at $2500.00!

I wouldn’t say that you have no choice. You could let me do it for you.


You guys know that DS9 is on TV twice a day and TNG is on thrice a day, right?

Edit: more than that, actually; that’s how much they’re on Spike, but they’re also on G4 I think, and probably someplace else too.

except i wasn’t able to watch most of the the last two seasons, and when ds9 did appear on spike tv a few years ago they nicely showed every ep of the first five seasons at 7:00pm, then freaking stopped. and that the eps they show now are on when i’m at work. and that looking up the listings i’ll have to wait weeks whereas i’m up to the seventh season eps now. also assuming i don’t miss a vcr recording or run out of tapes if i get busy and build up a backlog, etc. (and don’t have g4 here)

also, the pic posted here of the ds9 cases look different from the ones i got.

I don’t want most of the ST, but I do want the TOS sets. Though the $100 pricetag is just ridiculous, so I won’t buy them until they come way down. I’d pay $60 tops for each. IMO, you’d have to be pretty hardcore to pay $111 or whatever it is for each season now. Hard to find the ST: TOS for good prices used, though. The eBay auctions seems to always get up there, and you don’t see prices below $70 or so on Amazon.

BTW, I see some seasons have been coming down. Fox is apparently re-releasing the X-Files seasons at around $44. Saw the first three seasons in new, slimmer packaging at Wal-Mart for $44 CDN this past week. Sopranos dropped last fall, too.

Spend the money you would have spent on Trek DVDs on buying a Tivo… Then the “miss a recording” and “run out of tapes” thing isn’t an issue.

Yeah, exactly. You’ll save a lot of money, get cool other functionality that’s not Trek-related, and get all the benefit of having the DVD’s in your house, unless I guess you’re craving that one episode. But then, that’s what Netflix is for.