Ultimate Weapon: the GAY BOMB!

This is just too out-there for P&R.


Other ideas included chemical weapons that attract swarms of enraged wasps or angry rats to troop positions, making them uninhabitable.

Dr. Evil in the Pentagon: Are they enraged wasps?

#2: Well… no, but they do have a bad attitude.

You know, the Weekly World News “reported” on this once upon a time.

Turn your enemies gay to make it harder for them to reproduce a new generation of soldiers to fight with. Genius!

I’ll bet the Persians wished they could have used one of those bombs at Thermopylae – oh wait . . . .

Is this anything like The Nude Bomb?

Completely non-lethal? I guess these guys have never heard of STDs?

Besides, is having sex with your fellow soldiers going to hurt morale? Or will it help it? Thebes was very successful with its Band of Lovers, which was composed of homosexual “partners”. They fought pretty damned well for each other. I don’t want to make our enemies like that!

If sections of your army started showing a distinct preference for fucking each other in public, rather than killing the enemy, for no apparent reason, I think that would lower morale pretty rapidly.

While the ideas are pretty crazy, if they could get them to work they could be fantastically non-destructive ways of winning a combat situation. Imagine a group of soldiers trying to fight while they were attacked by swarms of wasps attracted to a chemical signal in their sweat, while the enemy was completely unaffected. As long as it was controllable, and effective, it would seem a fantastic non-lethal (or low lethality) weapon.

If they manage to get it to work, they could play Cher to lure the insurgents out of town, where we could pick them off one at a time.

Sgt Rock don’t care about no steenkin’ wasps, man.

What about the crazed rats?