Stupidly left behind previous umbrella on public transit last week. Believe it was from Brookstone. Actually worked fine for some time.

Looking for suggestions on replacement (ideally smaller size, not the larger parasol type). Again, Brookstone wasn’t bad, but willing to mail order by way of and such if a worthwhile enough replacement exists.

Looking for recommendations from umbrella experts. Know we have at least a few Seattle residents, for instance.

An umbrella is something you get for free at some event or convention with some company logo on it. Or something you pick up at the 1 dollar store to later leave on a train. It can also be found on the train or be one of the three umbrellas (typically of the first type) that somebody else left at work six months ago.

Yeah. You should consider those mofos disposable and make your purchasing decision accordingly. I don’t think I’ve ever owned an umbrella for more than about three weeks.

I get full size ones at IKEA for like $5 or so. I buy 5 at a time and then if I lose one or someone needs to borrow them, no big deal.

If you want to go hardcore, grab a Blunt umbrella.

I had no choice but to read the OP as if spoken by Mordin.

You could take advantage of all the other people like you who lose umbrellas and buy them in bulk from an unclaimed article sale. For example, like this one.

It’s even better if you read it as if spoken by Rorschach.


The blunt costs a small fortune. I picked up a gustbuster recently and am quite happy with it.

This one is pretty tempting, though.

The blunt umbrellas are pretty cool, but after the flashlight thread I’m not settling for any umbrellas less than 200 lumens.

I’ve had the same Gustbuster for 12 years. Still rock solid, never turns inside out, admired by all.

Ive got that, it’s great as far as umbrellas go. I get stopped by security more often when I carry it though… And lots of weird looks. I guess that’s almost the point though

Nah, I gave up on umbrellas, preferring hooded jackets or a nice rain hat.

  • Alan

As a tall guy that gets poked in the face by umbrellas, I heartily endorse the Blunt.

Who buys an umbrella anyway? You get 'em for free in the coffee shop in the metal cans.

[I]Umbrella lost on public transit. Driver most likely liberal communist. Raining now. Cold. Was cold when I was a child. Rain pools around pile of garbage in alley. Now wet and cold. Collar turned up against the damp.

Brookstone. Will find answers there. Possibly also umbrella.

Music in store disturbing. Polyester-shirted attendant looks at me with suspicion. Most likely homosexual. Deviant. Low sounds of Fall Out Boy in background support most likely assertion.

He will look over to me and ask “Can I help you?”

And I will look back and say “No.

Take a bow, Mightynute.

I used the same mini-umbrella I first got in college for well over 20 years.
Then it finally broke.
Now I have a new one.
It has a duck head on the handle.

Hah! Nice.