My favorite line.

If you read the OP in that voice it works, except for his unfortunate use of the words “for instance”. Rorschach would never say “for instance”.

I’ve had my umbrella for eight years and it’s a practically indestructable golf umbrella which was a promotional gift from a company I worked for. Cape Town is notorious for wind to that’s no mean feat.

The challenge is not Mary Poppinsing because the thing is huge.

My friend (who has a 4-month-old baby) swears by her duck-head umbrella. It keeps her baby entertained for hours (gross exaggeration).

Mine, I bought almost 2 years ago in Tokyo for Y300 (about $3). I put it in my checked baggage on the way back to the states, and I’m still using it. I wish we had clear plastic $3 umbrellas around here.

I like golf umbrellas because they are sturdy and long enough to act as a walking cane when furled. Also, golf.