I’ve been looking at some of the UMPC’s that are out there and was wondering if you could turn them into a dos machine? For instance this ( machine is cheap and it won’t most likely run anything in the XP era, but there are a lot of dos games that I would like to play again such as MOM, MOO 1 & 2, Darklands and some of the old gold box D&D games. I think this could be an excellent portible device.


just run DOSBox?

Probably be more than enough. The EEE is $400 and it will run Warcraft 3. Heck, even WoW.

For DOS games, the machine you linked might be too fast, and require something like dosbox, as mentioned above, to emulate a dos machine.

Seconded. I run DOSBox to play all the old MOO games and it works flawlessly.

I was thinking the same thing, the machine I linked to would run dos too fast. My main purpose for running dos on one of those UMPC’s was to create a portable dos machine. I currently have pocketdos for my pda, but that only emulates up to a 286 computer and they state that you can’t get it to run any faster. I can run MOO 1 on it but it’s very slow. I’ve run dosbaox in the past, but it’s always been a little quirky. I’ll have to check it out again. I do have an old HP Jornada pda with a 133mhz processor, is there any way to convert that to a dos machine?

I resurrected this thread in order to ask another question about the UMPC processors. The UMPC at the link in my first post uses an Intel A100 @ 600MHz, how does this compare to a Pentum 3 600MHz processor?