UN Outpacing Onion for World Satire Commission leadership

Meet the new head of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Colonel Moammar Khaddafi!


Note the accompanying photo of Khaddafi doing his Janet Reno impersonation. Their next Ozzfest of Jew hating in Durban should be a real hoot.

Ha ha – this is too funny.

It’s an interesting idea. Use a thief to catch a thief, a murderer to catch a murderer and a dictator to watch over human rights. I think he is quite popular among his own people though, the country is quite rich because of the oil.

Libya’s as locked down as a prison, and for the most part desperately poor. So I don’t think that the average citizens there throw a lot of block parties.

This is actually real? I can’t believe we continue to fund the UN what a joke.

Two pearl earrings, pearl necklace, a little eyeshadow, and some bright red lipstick… that’s about all it would take.

I agree about the parties but it’s not as desperately poor as many other countries. GNP/Capita for Sudan($330), Egypt($1350) and even Poland($7200) are all lower than Libya($8900). The figures are from 1999.