Unable to delete files

I’m having a really strange problem with a few files on my hard drive. I’m unable to do anything with them, including open, rename, copy, move, or what I really want to do, delete. When I right click on them, the only options that appear on the menu are Open and Open With, both of which do nothing. Selecting one and pressing Delete doesn’t do anything, doing the slow double click to rename does nothing, and dragging them into another folder doesn’t do anything. If I try to delete the folder they’re in, I get a simple CANNOT DELETE message, without a reason given. I’ve had this kind of thing happen before where Windows always thinks the file is in use, but this is different.

I’m pretty confident it isn’t a virus, but I can’t think of any way to fix this. Anyone encountered this before?

Sweet, I’ll give it a try.

Easier solution is to boot into safe mode, delete files, reboot into regular mode.

That program didn’t work :(. It says the filenames are invalid when I try to give it one. The filenames are really long (it’s par files from a TV show), but could that really screw things up to this extent?

Hah, that was it. The freaking path was too long. I took the whole folder and moved it up a level (so the path was shorter), and then I could delete it fine. Bizarre.

Another good trick is to use rmdir /s, it seems to beat most filename issues.