Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta

Looks like the Uncharted 2 codes are active and you can download the beta. ~1200MB. No idea if we can actually play the game yet. Sound off if you have the beta and are interested in playing together.

Thanks for the heads up I’m downloading now. I have an extra code if anyone wants it.

For those who are interested, Fileplanet is offering keys for subscribers, but only if you reside in the US or Canada.

Ah crap, I have a FP subscriber account but I don’t live in North America.

The beta is in fact up and running.

The coop is really fun.

Can I have this? I just got my PS3.

Coming out of E3 pressconference, seeing the great trailers of this game - and being able to play it merely a few hours later makes this one of the best E3’s ever.
They really choose the right date for this.

Thanks Guyute! Downloading now! :D

Played a coop game with a random person and it was really cool. Game is looking great, and everything went fluidly (even though I’m from EU and the other person was American).

damn. I wish someone had a spare code. :(

If anyone in EU has trouble with registering their code: you have to log in with an US account, otherwise it won’t work.

The beta is surprisingly good! The co-op is fun but such a tease with how it ends. Way too short but of course it’s a beta not a demo so I can’t complain.

The competative modes are also great fun. Controls are tight, climbing up buildings for better elevation is smooth, even has a little COD4 perk system that every other game now has. Damn as if I’m not already swamped with Infamous and Demon’s Souls.

I’ve got an extra Uncharted 2 Beta Code. Anyone that wants it, PM me.

Edit: The code has been claimed.

^^ same.

Give it to Problematique?

yeah. Give it to me pleeeease :3

All right, I PM’d the code to Problematique. I apologize for completely missing your plea for a code above. I admit I didn’t read through the thread before offering the code.

There’s nothing to apologize for. <3


Argh. Would kill for a code.