Uncharted 2: Nathan Drake and the Temple of the Sophomore Effort

Title Uncharted 2: Nathan Drake and the Temple of the Sophomore Effort
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When May 14, 2016

Late in Uncharted 2, all the gunplay and Tomb Raidering and calculated snappy banter about Chloe's ass suddenly stop. The hero strolls through a serene village. Along the way, he can pet the livestock, play with children, and watch the women go about their work..

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Hey, Tom, I don't know if you are aware of this, but your ad provider has really obnoxious ads on mobile that redirect you away from the site and make it impossible to get back to the original page.

What browser are you using? On Chrome on an iPhone clicking on an add was opening a separate window.

I was getting this before in Safari using an iPhone, but it hasn't happened in a while. I think I had to download some kind of app, it was so disruptive.

That should never happen. We don't allow our ads to feature pop-ups, redirects, forced audio, or anything like that. If you can provide any details about the ad, if it's part of our ad network, we can make sure it's blocked. That said, in a lot of these instances, mobile redirects aren't related to ads on our site. Let me know if this happens again.

It just happened again when coming to view your reply. Here is one redirect in the chain -not sure if this helps: http://mtz.adsrocket.net/?utm_...

Thanks for the specifics. I'll pass this along. What mobile platform and browser are you using?

Chrome on Android Marshmallow release. I'm not clicking on an ad, it seems to be redirecting when I scroll the view. It doesn't happen every time I visit the page, just sporadically.