Uncharted 2 review

See, I thought the Tomb Raidering was the only genuinely interesting part of the first Uncharted. The shooting certainly wasn’t - it dragged on and on and on and guys kept coming. And it wasn’t like it was Ratchet and Clank or something, with fun, inventive weapons. Nope. Same assault rifle and pistol I’ve used in a hundred other shooters, most of them with better pace and play.

I hear the combat’s better in this one, so I’ll probably give it a try, but if it’s still the emphasis and if they still haven’t come up with anything new to play with, let’s just say I’m -deeply- skeptical.

When Tom, an unabashed Uncharted 1 fan, posts a review like the one above, then yeah, it’s easy to feel disappointed, and yeah, the PS3 has had a number of those.

Yes, I mean exploring a 3D world with platforming acrobatics and some environmental puzzles its not a very common gameplay besides Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia series and to some extent Shadow of Colossus I can’t think of a game I played featuring this. So I was hopping Uncharted to be an new landmark of the gameplay, but reading this and some of the responses I’m thinking that maybe it isn’t.

Also a comment on the gunplay from an outside perspective, seeing the Giant Bomb quick look on the game, the gun play gave me an uncanny effect, they go out of their way to make Nathan just a regular guy and make such beautiful real looking places that the fact is fight more then 10 mercenaries guys at the same time that behave like idiots fells off putting. Its diferent if your a big military guy with armor it’s sort off expected. I wonder if a smaller number of enemys with a better AI would be more interesting. Any way maybe playing the game this feeling doesn’t exist but just watching it makes Schwarzenegger Commando look like a believable movie

The thumbs up review… along with the 24 perfect scores from other reviewers and the 97% metacritic score. Go ahead and feel dissapointed, everyone else will enjoy a great game.

Yeah umm, GTA4 says hello dude.

Too funny. Here’s a QT3 discussion had back in Febuary:

Even funnier is Brian’s choice of words “game changer” - exactly what Sessler calls Uncharted 2 in a recent soapbox video.

I’m not going to call it a game changer (I’m still on the first mission) but lets at least give it a few months post release before stamping the dissapointment label on it.

I’m curious about how it sells. There’s surprisingly low interest in my local circle of friends that own the PS3, despite me actively pointing it out to them as something they would probably like.

My guess: 750,000 copies in NA for the October NPD. And probably around 1 million in Europe (since the PS brand is bigger there). I’ve seen a lot of advertising for it, and I think the really high scores for it will help spread the word. I can’t judge from personal anecdotes though forgeforsaken, since I don’t know anyone besides myself who owns a PS3. It’s been the Number 1 selling video game at Amazon for the past few days though, so that’s a very positive indicator.

I’ve put Uncharted 2, as intrigued as I am, on the backburner because other games out right now are more compelling to me. Yes, the idea of playing a game that’s like “being in a movie” is interesting, the dynamic physics of Uncharted 2 look worth checking out, but ultimately it strikes me, as someone looking in from the outside, as an overly scripted linear action game with some new bells and whistles.

But that’s just me. Lots of folks seem mightily impressed by Uncharted 2 and it might make some waves. Sessler also said that it’s really up to Sony whether this is going to be a system seller or not. He thinks it should be but if there’s no hype, no exposure, no bundling or marketing around it then how is it going to move a system?

When I talked about a game changer I really meant something that’s totally new. Having not played Uncharted 2 I can’t say whether the elements reviewers love about it are all that impressive or not in reality. Watching the footage doesn’t scream out “this is radical!” or anything to me. Listening to reviewers talk about compelling characters and story isn’t, well, anything new either. It may just be the gestalt of things, or how it’s all put together in a slick new way (like WoW is to older MMOs for example).

I won’t know for a long while because I’m just not in the market for this yet.

On that note, the new PS3 exclusive Rockstar North game+ might just aim for that. One of the Rockstar bigwigs said he wanted Agent to be GTA big or another GTA III or something. I’m buggered if I can remember where or when, though.

I will be getting Uncharted 2 ASAP as I really enjoy platform/puzzling. I love Sands of Time and Anniversary/Underworld. Something about the beauty of motion etc. Uncharted ticked that box too, although no-one has really got shimmying animations feeling right yet. They all look slightly off to me, like Lara’s wall-climbing in Underworld. That’s just a pet peeve, and a minor one.

+I still find it odd that Microsoft got DLC and Sony got an entire game. One would have thought it would be the other way around, unless Sony played on the ‘PS2 made GTA what it is’ card.

Awesome! I played through Chapter 4 or 5 last night and have really enjoyed the presentation and the story. I love Drake as a character and the voice acting and animation sells the story.

I’m curious about what’s going to happen, though I feel like so far the story runs strangely parallel to the first game’s. In Uncharted 1 you’re investigating the reason for Francis Drake’s crew meeting its doom. In Uncharted 2, you’re doing the the same for Marco Polo’s crew. Both games have you coming across boats that have somehow gotten far inland. Both games have a bad guy that is always ahead of you or capturing you long enough to steal your genius theories on the locations of artifacts. Finally, both games have journals left by historical characters that allude to a treasure they picked up being the cause of the tragedies that befell them. Maybe the stories diverge wildly after the point I’m at in the game, but it’s striking to me how similar they are so far.

The shooting feels fine. Better than U1 in that the enemies aren’t quite the bullet sponges they were before and the hit detection for head shots is much improved.

The platforming or “Tomb Raider-ing” is pretty non-interactive when it comes down to it. It never feels very responsive and usually I’m just looking around for the one possible path, despite the fact that many times there appear to be other ways in which Drake could get from Point A to Point B and the game just doesn’t allow it. I find that frustrating. I understand comparisons to the latest Prince of Persia, but I must say that I felt far more in control of the Prince than I do Drake.

I’m still really enjoying the game, but it’s mostly for the characters and the story. Frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with that, despite some people’s insistence that all games should be about the gameplay itself. I think there is room for all sorts of experiences in games, and I’m enjoying the overall experience of Uncharted 2 quite a bit so far.

That would shock me to be honest. Has any PS3 game ever sold that many units in a month?

MGS4 did ~770k in its first month in the US not including the console/game bundle, 1 million if those are included.

Yeah, I believe MGS4 did. And that was without counting the MGS4 PS3 bundle. But I think Uncharted 2 has a chance of beating even that number because the install base of the PS3 is so much higher compared to when MGS4 was released.

Actually, speaking of combat, I did think of another thing about Uncharted 1 that I didn’t love. They provided stealth-kill tools, but then made it basically impossible to use them, and the waves of enemies made them pointless, because even if you silent-killed the first 3 guys, there’s another 20 to deal with, and you didn’t save yourself much time.

But I imagine most people either completely ignored or forget about the stealth kills, so its not a big deal. But it’s always weird to have such a half-baked element tossed in there.

Ummm…this has almost nothing to do with Uncharted 2 though.

Excellent point. I finished Uncharted 1 yesterday, and I can honestly say that I completely forgot about the stealth kill options. I think I had a single stealth kill in the whole game, and that was back in the beginning when they first taught me how to do it.

Ah, ok. I guess we’ll see then. I’d still be very surprised to see Uncharted 2 move that many copies in a month, but I suppose it’s not impossible.

It’ll do about as well as Killzone 2, Infamous, the first Uncharted and Resistance 2. It’s not going to set the world on fire.

I think it’ll do rather better, since it’s the first big budget, full marketing press game with the new price point.

But it still won’t set the world on fire.

I wish you guys would stop using that phrase. Now I’ve got the Ink Blots song about setting the world on fire stuck in my head, from Fallout 3.

It deserves some extra points for Donut Mode.