Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End

Apologies if this is a thread, I couldn’t find it searching for “Uncharted 4”?

15 min gameplay demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow2cL-pp6p8

Man, this looks incredible. If you liked the last few (I didn’t play the first one, but I loved the second and third) this should tickle all the right spots.

It will either be the greatest or the worst Uncharted. Many key people have left during development. Either it gets The Last of Us-ed, and turns out amazing, or gets a second rate game from a studio under duress.

Well, the incredible graphics and the enormous level and dynamic combat sure make it look great so far. The crazy thing is this is just a pretty basic traversal and combat scenario, rather than a major set piece like they’ve demoed in the past for Uncharted games (IE: sinking ship or burning villa).

That the game runs this solid a year out is impressive. Naughty Dog are the kings of squeezing every ounce from PlayStation hardware and this looks to be no different.

Well it’s “easy” to get fantastic set pieces when you don’t have to travel there, especially now with 1080p graphics and 6gb video memory to use for textures. The parkouring actually reminded me of Assassin’s Creed Liberation for some reason.

I was hoping they’d tone down the gunplay - the whole schtick about hiding for 5 seconds to heal is old to me.

Tomb Raider Assassin Cry!

These don’t get PC versions do they?

I think the disconnect is interesting between the character commenting on how tough and scary everything is and his effortless parkour and murder flow.

… and having watched it now, there’s literally not one new idea there is there?

Wow, watching that video was way more fun than playing through the first game or trying to play part way through the second game.

Could the first few games be played that way? You shoot some guys, run past others, hide and keep going past them? If so, whoever was driving that demo needs to do a Let’s Play of Uncharted 2. That was very entertaining to watch.

Alistair: To answer you question, yes there is one absolutely vital new idea in there: being able to aim where you want using the Dualshock 4, and not having to deal with the shitty Dualshock 3. That’s why it’s the first Uncharted game I’m looking forward to. (And also, because The Last of Us Remastered was really, really good, has made me a Naughty Dog fanboy despite not liking Uncharted 1 and 2 much).

Ask me what i remember about Uncharted 2 and 3! What set pieces come to mind immediately? Hmm.

The burning French chateau in 3 (this is my favorite for some reason). The train scene from Uncharted 2. Tooling around Constantinople in 2. The Cruise Ship stuff in 3. The fight in Nepal in 2. There is some stuff about some caves in 2, and some I think cool dungeons in 3, with shadows on walls that i liked.

What don’t I remember? The gunplay. I love the Uncharted series because they seem to try to aspire to be something more than a stereotypical shooter, but that was then and this is now. We have lots of games now that aren’t stereotypical shooters! They needed to step up their game imo and make something different.

I know I’m in the tiny minority, but I want the opposite. I’d love for both Tomb Raider and Uncharted to go back to the Tomb Raider philosophy of fighting being your punishment for getting the puzzles wrong.

I think we crossed some kind of threshold with the climbing animations where it’s actually distracting and ridiculous to have the character slipping and struggling like they could fall at any second when we’re just pushing in a direction and pressing a button and knowing we’ll move or jump almost exactly where we’re aiming. And we know that if we jump and grab a ledge and then the rocks crumble, it’s because they were always going to do that and we’re just being guided onto the only route that would ever get us to where we’re going.

Uncharted isn’t the only game guilty of this, but the dissonance is even more obvious with the otherwise improving animation.

Yeah… but the alternative is endless load screens as a jump is mis-judged (randomly?) by your character or that rocky out-cropping that looks like it could support you doesn’t and you fall to your load screen. Then what? You are going to have to replay it over and over to memorize what hand holds are okay and what aren’t? No thanks. Also, where is the thrill of being MYSELF when I could be a guy that is amazing at climbing and such?!

Well making the jumping harder for the player isn’t the only alternative, we could also just make Drake (or Lara, or whoever) move a little more confidently like Ezio. The disconnect is the character looking like they’re in peril—barely hanging on, losing grip with one hand, scripted moments when they slip and drop to a lower ledge—when we know they’re not. Once or twice is good for some tension as we wonder if maybe we really didn’t make the jump, but I think we’re overdoing it.

Or the real alternative is actually cooking up more interesting things to do with the characters in the first place, these are the same ledges we’ve been climbing and jumping on in 3rd person action games for a couple generations now, but that’s a bigger problem. For now, I just think we’ve exhausted the thrills of fake-out near misses.

I see what you mean, but I kinda think it adds to Drake’s character/charm that while he’s doing these amazing, death-defying jumps, he’s winded and sort of … human, about it. He’s not Batman, or Ezio for that matter. Yeah, I suppose that means there isn’t any (much?) tension, you’re right, but there is something comforting in it, too.

I do agree in that I hope we don’t spend as much time on crazy climbing stuff like we saw in the video. I think it’s still fun (I only played 2 and 3 and the latest Tomb Raider, so I may be less burned out than you) myself, but I agree I hope we find ourselves with more going on than 9 hours of shooting and climbing with the odd puzzle mixed in. 2 and 3 did a great job with blending all that stuff, though, at least in my opinion, so I’m fairly confident this will prove to be quality entertainment.

I hate the gunplay in these games and it always jars me out of what otherwise is a great Indiana Jones-style adventure.

This got delayed to spring 2016, looks like. Kinda feeling better and better about selling my PS4 last month.

You’ve already bought and sold a PS4?

This gives me more time to play Uncharteds 1, 2 and 3 for the first time.

The holiday season they were coming out I was excited to replace my PS3 (which I barely used) with a PS4. I was determined to get more into console gaming, like high school me had been (though, to be fair, the SNES was all I had - no PC access until college, and then Doom and Master of Magic basically pulled me from console gaming).

I had the PS4 all of last year, and during that time I eager watched for stuff that grabbed me. Everything that looked great, was also on the PC. Even Assassin’s Creed Black Flag (or whatever it was called). Still, I grabbed that game for the PS4 and enjoyed it. Though I have a powerful PC that could have made it look better… and I could have even played with a controller on my PC.

Later I grabbed The Last of Us Remastered, which was awesome. It was the last game I bought on the PS4. That was last July! Gamestop was offering $250 trade in credit, which is a LOT of Steam games. and I figured by the time there is a library of games out that I want (assuming that happens - Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and Final Fantasy 15 are the only games that interest me at all - and Bloodborne I have some misgivings about, PLUS with the new Dark Souls II Sins of the Scholar thing coming, maybe I’ll play that again instead, I figured, and I’m not convinced FF15 won’t be on PC) it will likely be into 2016 and there will probably have been a price drop and a hardware refresh (like a PS4 Slim for $199 or something) and I’ll look into trying again then. Maybe.

The entire thing is kinda depressing, but on the other hand I haven’t missed my PS4 once since I sold it. I still have my PS3 as it’s one helluva Blu-Ray player and I can stream stuff from my PC to the main TV with it, things like that. Plus I have some fun games, like Dragons’ Dogma, on it I could always get back into for the price of a PSN sub.

I bought a PS3 recently and have only played The Last of Us (awesome!), Uncharted 1 (decent), part of Uncharted 2 (a bit better), MLB The Show (very good) and bought a couple games for my son. He gets frustrated with games - his controller skills aren’t the best.

The PS3 is a really solid system, lots of great games for it and it has some excellent home-entertainment features. It’s also not very expensive (by comparison) to the current systems. Uncharted 2 and 3 are excellent, I actually never played the first one but I did watch a great video on YouTube someone put together that stitches the cut scenes with some edited action scenes together and makes a convincing 30 minute movie. I think that exists for the second and third games, as well.

Anyway, your son will learn to use the controller quickly, I imagine. My own boy started playing on the 360 when he was 12 and now at age 14 he’s the guy other players think is cheating or a bot or something. It’s amazing to watch him play Call of Duty or GTA V online, he’s just on a whole other level than I ever have been. I suspect that just happens when you let kids play games - they just get real good at them!