Uncharted or Uncharted 2

Do you guys recommend just jumping in with Uncharted 2, or should I get a hold of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and play through that first?

Play both if you can. They are worth it. Some people even like Uncharted 1 better, but it does have some rough gameplay spots that can be frustrating.

Uncharted 2 is just an amazing game in every way.

I would also recommended both.

If you only play one of the two, play the second. It is a marked improvement over the first in pacing and in the way combat is staged.

The second is the better game, but they’re similar enough that I think I was more impressed by the first at the time I played it. If you already think you’ll enjoy them I’d say the first is worth playing through, but if you need convincing then you might be better off jumping into the second.

I beat Uncharted 1 a couple years ago, recently bought Uncharted 2, played a bit then moved back to Uncharted 1 to get some trophies. But I dunno, I didn’t like the way the action flowed and the combat mechanics felt rough. Knowing this I would just skip Uncharted 1, and plus U2 has a surprisingly good multiplayer mode (I think I like it more than Halo: Reach…).

Start with the first one for sure. I liked the second one, but I mostly agree with Tom’s review of Uncharted 2 (which I can’t link), that it doesn’t match the experience I got from playing through the first one. They are both very fun games worth playing. I’ve played through both of them twice.

I liked the story better in Uncharted 1, but the sequel did have better combat and some more exciting set pieces. I’d suggest playing through the first at any difficulty level to get the experience and then head on to the second one.

Play the first one since it’s cheap now. Then if you find it awful (or just awfully average) like I did you can save yourself the money and skip #2.

I consider the second game markedly superior, though this is mostly in terms of crazy set pieces; the gameplay and stories are quite similar. I wouldn’t say it’s important to play the first game in the series, but if you just want more go for it.

The first one is pretty good, but the second is far, far superior in my opinion. The gameplay feels quite a bit tighter and the many set pieces are spectacular.

I would also say play 1 first and then go to 2. And after playing 2 it is had to go back. Not that 1 is a bad game or has some serious flaw. Its just that 2 takes what makes 1 good and makes it better. Also from a story point it is nice to already know the characters and how they relate to each other and their background before diving into 2.

Play both, but you will be amazed how much better the second is.

Watch the first one on YouTube.

The gameplay is this:

  • You enter a area (arena?), and you have to kill all mobs.
  • Once area is clear, a door open.

Some areas have a non-obvious door to the next area, so some exploration is needed in a empty map to search the next door/trigger.

The combat is this:

  • You hide barrier, and shot from it
  • If your barrier is about to be destroyed, you change to a different barrier

There are infinite health, that self-regenerate.
Third person perspective.

Graphics are …duh… very average.

Do you guys recommend just jumping in with Uncharted 2, or should I get a hold of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and play through that first?

I can’t recomend you to play these games.

Have you lost your damn mind?

Buy both. Start with the first game, of course. Gameplay-wise, the second game is better, but I think the story in the first one is better.

I realize many people are raving about these games, and I’ve tried both, and well - to be honest, neither was very fun for me. Probably because it was very much on rails, in that the entire story, and precisly your actions have been mapped out beforehand, making it more of an semi-interactive story than a true game. Many areas only have one particular way to complete them, requirering you to press the buttons in exactly the way the developres want you to.

Mind you, many people like these kind of games, because of the story and the adrenaline - I just didnt :-)

Congratulations on describing just about every single 3rd person action game out there.

(and you’re crazy about the graphics)

I don’t think is that prominent.

Games like Portal, Half Life 2, Modern Warfare, Quake Live, Tremulous, Battlefield 1942, Left 4 Dead,… are not based on “shot from cover until everything is dead, then a door will unlock”.

I would really feel sad of a gamer that only know that type of game. Since is a very gamey, predictible and non-interactive gameplay.

Discussing games with Teiman is like arguing with a mentally challenged 12 year-old.