Uncharted or Uncharted 2

Both are worth your time.

I don’t see why arguing with a mentally – ohhhhhhhhhh.

Uncharted is fantastic. Just buy it already!

Excellent rebuttal except none of those are 3rd person action games. Some of those are even multiplayer focused so congrats on muddying the waters like that.

Also you’re playing the game very wrong if you just sit behind cover and shoot until all enemies are dead. Maybe you need to increase the difficulty for a greater challenge. Sounds like you’re going about it in the most boring possible way. Half Life & Modern Warfare (aside from the infinite respawns) can be as boring.

There’s no need for you to be sad about anything. We all enjoy lots of different games. Uncharted just so happens to be one of them.

The first one is OK, but the second one is phenomenal, so I’d suggest starting with 2, and if after that you just desperately need more Uncharted action you can give the first on a shot.

I really wasn’t. A lot of the flaws of the first are still there but maybe not quite as prominent.

I’m a bit of an outlier on these games as I found both to be rather ho-hum.

No, you have to play the first one first! The second’s not as good otherwise; you won’t be as invested in the characters. You have to play the first one if for Elena alone.

Ehhh, there are a lot of little moments between characters in the second game that are enhanced by having experienced the first game. Play both. It is worth it.

I actually didn’t finish the first one (got about 3/4 through I think) because I thought the pacing was so bad, and it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the second as far as I could tell. I may have missed a few references I guess, but it didn’t seem lean very hard on the player’s experience with the first one. Narrative and characters aside, the second one is a vastly better game.

And I dont lower myself to the level of insulting other forumgoer.

Well you should! It’s fun.

It’s worth playing the first one to the end for the story and also to understand why Nolan North is everywhere now.

It’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore.

Seriously though – Bob, I thought you were anti-story in games. Have I just gotten the wrong impression from your posts, or was there something special about Uncharted for you?

Every post you make is an insult to English speakers everywhere.

There are always exceptions. Uncharted tells a good story with some great dialogue and that enhances what is otherwise merely a competent Gears of War clone. Uncharted 2 becomes quite a bit more than that but its story suffers from sequelitis.

For maybe the second time ever (the Warriors series being the first), I am in complete agreement with Bob. I do think Uncharted 2’s ending, though, is just about perfect. The story’s not as good, but it’s still good, and Naughty Dog didn’t completely misread their audience like they did when they made Jak 3 (which was awful plot-wise, but excellent gameplay-wise).

Especially pays off in that great opening line she says in the sequel.

Oh, it’s a Gears of War clone? I might be getting a PS3 soon and considered this/these game(s), but now I’m suddenly not interested.

Okay, maybe not COMPLETE agreement.

It’s an over-the-shoulder third-person cover-based shooter about 65% of the time. The rest of the time it’s a terrain-based platformer, where you’re scaling the side of an old abandoned building or scooting along the wall of an old bunker. It sounds like I’m selling it short here, and I really don’t mean to; it’s an excellent, excellent series.

Well, they’re third person shooters with prominent cover mechanics, so they’re sculpted from a similar foundation, but the second one in particular breaks that up with environment traversal and some light puzzle solving, plus it doesn’t have the drab color pallet and embarrassing characters. I find the Gears of War games absolutely dire, but even the first Uncharted is a lot better IMO.

It’s actually a slightly awkward mix of Gears of War shooting and Prince of Persia acrobatics / puzzle solving. The description makes it sound much worse than it is, because the graphics are visually stunning, as they say, there’s plenty of interesting set-pieces, and it’s all very polished.

But really, the entire game is about the story and the characters. You can safely play the game on easy to make the combat somewhat trivial (since it obviously doesn’t affect the platforming difficulty) and not miss anything significant.

It’s really worth playing for the characters and story. Nolan North is great as Drake, his chemistry / patter with Elena is fantastic. It’s very easy to see when playing it why so many other games tried to copy the formula, with varying degrees of success.