Uncharted or Uncharted 2


I often criticize other people’s Gramaticas!

This one, for example.

Once again, I’m just absolutely amazed by the love that Uncharted gets. Maybe I’ll understand better when I make it through Uncharted 2. The first one was 95% bad/repetitive/boring combat, 5% uninspired platforming, and 5% excellent character dialog and cutscenes. I wish the ratios hadn’t been so oppressively biased towards the combat. I was just really surprised at how little dialog and platforming there actually was in the game.

So far in Uncharted 2, there’s a lot more platforming, which, I have to admit, is way cooler, especially in certain parts (like the start of the game). The character dialog isn’t as good so far, but then, I’m only on the part where I’ve met Elena in 2, so perhaps it gets better from here. I believe I’m on the part where I’m battling against a helicopter on some rooftops, and getting killed by it repeatedly.

two is better than one, but play one to get accustomed to the characters and their stories.

the train sequence in UC2 is one of the best moving / fighting / platforming experiences I’ve encountered in any game.

Where the hell did you come up with this list?

You should really continue it.

You know what else isn’t like Uncharted?

Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, King’s Quests 1, 2, 4 and 6, that first person punching game for the Neo*Geo, the Star Trek 3D0 game that I don’t even know if it ever came out, chess, checkers, backgammon, go, H.O.L., Scrabble, poker, biathlons, triathlons, MMA, forgiveness, the lonely dying breath of a bitter old man with nothing to look back on but a life filled with regrets, poops, tornados, songs about rainbows, Boston 1-day deals, extramarital affairs, the Teapot Dome scandal, the Teapot Dome service station, teapots in general, ad campaigns, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Batboy, Quebec, helium, malaise, the robotoid invasion of 2114, judgment, Even Cowgirls get the Blues (novel), Even Cowgirls get the Blues (film), Even Cowgirls get the Blues (album), Gwen Stefani, IP telephony, scramjets, regular jets, the New York Jets, Jet magazine, the jetstream, streaming media, protoplasmic streams, campaign streamers, vegetable steamers, ring tailed lemurs, the human femur and Hugh Jackman.

Edit: Oh. He called a truce. Oh well.

Seriously, watch 1 on YouTube. Also, for the purest experience hide your eyes during the stealth section in 2 and I’ll do it for you. That part sucks.

The second one probably has the best endgame chatter for any game of all time. “I… I hate clowns.”

The Internet oversells the game, IMHO. I have see my friends playing it, and the experience depressed me.

When you enter a “arena”, all the chest high props are obvious, much like in Mass Effect 2.

Yeah, having players just flail around and make guesses at what does and does not provide cover is probably a better idea.

Gears is good at an entirely different set of mechanics than Uncharted 2 (I don’t consider the first to be good enough to reach back for), enough where I don’t think there’s a lot of conflict there for GoW haters. Uncharted 2 gives you some high quality set pieces and gameplay that is at least as similar to Metal Gear Solid 4 (notably in terms of camera and the much more platformy shooting) as it is to a pure cover shooter like GoW. That’s probably not an unqualified plus for most people either, but I think U2 excels at being accessible.

The first one had poorly designed combat, to the point where I would advocate playing on easy (it will still be occasionally annoying) to avoid as much of the combat as possible if you are determined to see the story that draws a lot of raves. I think it’s a decent story, but not worth the hassle.


Uncharted 1 was one of the very few 3rd-person shooter/platformers I enjoyed. I generally loathe this genre. I liked U1 because it was highly polished (especially for a close-to-console-launch title), very easy on the eyes, fast-paced without being obnoxiously so, the cover-shootery bits and the platformy bits were both done competently, and switched up enough so that fatigue from one or the other didn’t set in. It’s still a PS3 showcase game. As for being on rails…uh, no. CODBlops is on rails. There was definitely a golden path in U1, but it was more along the lines of the game gently guiding you along as opposed to CODBlops’ hand on the back of your neck forcing you through a shooting gallery.

Hey Teiman, are you the one of the old USENET tropes called “I hate every game but I post on a board about games”? Just asking.

But it does lock you in sections for longer with annoying waves of enemies that must be cleared, all of which take too much damage (in both 1 and 2)

Honestly I found bits of the Uncharteds just tiresome and wanted to move on but no, still need to clear another wave…

He’s absolutely correct! Modern Warfare is based around “run past the enemies to stop the infinite spawning.” ;)

OK, good to know, thanks. I’ll consider them if/when I get a PS3.

I think “run past the enemies to stop the infinite spawning” is not much better.
Anyway I was wrong, he said 3th person games, not 1th person.

So when do we get a good 2nd person shooter?

During cutscenes?

Same here, I have no idea, its not genetic, my brother loved it, but I thought it was terrible, because of the exact same ratios I experienced, and the gun play in the first is really off. The second is better, but still has too much combat, and has a crappier story. Like Teiman says you often encounter a set piece, the doors lock, and then you have to kill everyone, wait for them to spawn in again, then kill everyone, wait for them to spawn again, then kill everyone, door unlocks, then find out how to get to the door. If you were to take away the writing/acting, the game would basically be Gears without co-op.

No, it wouldn’t. Gears has excellent combat that, while polarizing, delivers exactly what it promised in terms of interestingly designed fire & movement as well as close quarters. It’s fine if that’s not to your tastes, but it doesn’t make for much of a slur when the top title in the cover shooter 3rd person style of game is what’s “left” without writing/acting.

That also somewhat ignores that a good amount of those set pieces are pretty awesome.

The train ranks up there among the most memorable moments in gaming for me.

Shocking news for the detractors, but some people actually find the combat in Uncharted 1 & 2 to be fun (I’ll explain). The AI is aggressive, the animations and locational damage reactions are superb, the combat areas are large with many angles of attack and height as a factor. You’ve got a great variety of weapon types from pistols, automatics, semi-automatics, scoped weapons, rocket launchers even crossbows along with grenades, melee, and even stealth attacks. The surround sound is excellent, great explosions, destructible objects. Whenever another “wave” of enemies entered into the area I was always pumped to take them out.