Unclaimed property!

I just scored $25 from a 1995 paycheck back in Texas.

This link will forward you to the database search for your state.

nothing for me, but my fiancee has one from waffle house years ago! this site rules.

Wow. Just found $60 for my sister from Kaiser Health Care.


$163 from my University!

That I had a full scholarship too and never paid a dime!


How did you guys get the exact money amount? I found one claim for ‘under 100’ but that’s the extent of it.

Depends on the state.

Yeah, it’s like the greatest thing ever. Make sure you check just your name (no city) and every state you’ve lived in.

Nothing for me. What a let-down.

I just got back 1 million bucks!!!

I love u guys! :D

I’m a little annoyed… they have Quebec, but no Ontario… What the 'ell? Did the referendum happen already?

Alas, the only thing I found for me or my family was $1.14 owed to my sister.

Didn’t finad anything for myself, but there were a couple I think are my grandfather’s. He passed away a couple years ago and my father is the executor of his estate, so I sent him an email about it.

I found one for my Father…No idea what it is as this was Connecticut and I had to fill out a claim form. They will respond by e-mail. This is VERY cool.

Holy shit, Jason, this more than makes up for your crazy antics in the space-program thread. Somehow I’ve got over $400 of some kind of unknown claim against… uh, my current employer?

Which happens to be a tax agency, but at the same time I’ve never had any problems getting any tax refunds OR paychecks owed to me… ?! I honestly can’t figure out where this could possibly have come from.

Motherfuck-fuck-fuck it, I’m filling out the claim form post-haste.

Thanks! And this is the first and final time I’m going to use an emoticon in all sincerity: :D

The next time you’re banging your girl: make her call you Jason.