Underdog: Who greenlights these movies?

Saturday I was watching the previews before “Bridge to Teribitha” started. Among the offerings Hollywood is going to bring us, I saw a preview for Underdog.

What is the deal with digging up these “bottom of the barrel” super heroes? We have had Dare Devil, Electra, Flaming skull guy on a motor cycle, and now this. Can’t they give us something better? How about a JLA movie? How about them making up their own, new heroes? They can’t possibly be any worse.

It’s epidemic. Everyone wants to wear a money hat courtesy of comic book mania. Dude, someone greenlighed “Ant Man”. Ant Freaking Man, the movie. Unless it contains at least 30 minutes of upskirt shots I cannot see how it will fail to suck.

Can’t speak for Daredevil or Ghost Rider, both of which have big name stars in them, but Underdog is a classic case of “let’s make a shitty movie that we can count on bringing in $X before word gets out about how shitty it is, and as long as we make it for less than $Y we’ll make money on it.” A lot of movies get made that way :(.

I should know better than to be drinking (water, you degenerates) when reading this board. Water right out the nose…

Most movies get made that way, but they’re not marketed inside the US in a way that you’d notice them, or they end up being on the USA network or SciFi before they get pooped out to DVD in the rest of the world.

Underdog is probably a C grade production company attempting to push some heat and light on a project they’ve managed to get a little studio investment in. Good for them.

I’m actually happy about this, because it means projects such as Ex Machina are getting greenlighted. Someone lent me the series recently, and it’s going to make a fantastic movie (the script is partially being written by the creator, so as long as the director is okay it should come out fine).

So Jason Lee is voicing the Underdog character…

And Bill Murray was Garfield!

The thing about these voice parts is they take almost no time to do, (a couple of days in the booth) and pay off like a slot machine. And no matter how bad they are they can have no negative effect on an actor’s career.

So there you go.