Underrated Gem: Reigning Sound - Too Much Guitar

Ever listen to The Oblivians? Know of Greg Cartwright? Do any of you listen to Reigning Sound? Specifically the album Too Much Guitar? Well, if you don’t and you have any shred of love for rock music you should give it a listen.

What are they like? Each album differentiates quite a bit, but this album in particular–the one I love so very dearly–is somewhat self explanatory. It’s very raw and catchy, guitar heavy rock. Some have said the album does indeed contain too much guitar, but I think those people are strange.

Why have I made this topic? Despite their immense talent they get so little attention, and so I can share it with anyone who might like the album as much as me.

Here’s their myspace page where you can listen to a couple songs:

I recommend these songs on the page:

We Repel
I’ll Cry
Stormy Weather (not on the aforementioned album, but it’s a brilliant cover of the song)

some songs not on the page:

Your love is a fine thing
Get It!
If you can’t give me everything
when you touch me
uptight tonight

Amazon link with reviews and such:

triggercut turned me onto this album a few years back and I love it. If You Can’t Give Me Everything is one of my favorite recent songs.

I read that Reigning Sound played as the backing band for Mary Weiss (lead singer of the Shangri La’s who were most famous for the song Leader of the Pack) on her recent comeback album DANGEROUS GAMES. You can sample some songs here at her myspace. The results are mixed, but it’s undeniably fun to hear this band’s 60’s sound paired with one of the classic voices from that era.

I’m updating this thread to say that I previously wrote off the album “Time Bomb High School” as not that great compared to Too Much Guitar, but now I’ve listened to it a bit and it’s a different beast but practically as good as the other. The “Stormy Weather” cover alone makes it amazing.

Fuck, more people need to know about this band.