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I know, but it’s a very similar style of game, hence why I brought up Arkane.


So I tried the beta from a month ago finally. It all looks kind of cartoony but the systems seem solid (barring a clipping bug I found with a door). However, my one worry is that the beta didn’t support 21:9. I sure hope the final release does.


Woah… that’s a make-or-break issue for me. If anyone can confirm whether this has been fixed (or not), please do so!


Paging @Major_Malphunktion - any idea on the 21:9?


As far as I know the 21:9 bugs are not fixed for launch. they are on the short list tho.


I’m just thinking that maybe a few gamers around here need to get a fucking monitor that humans use. Not all of us are like





Is 16:10 implemented?


I don’t even check for 21:9 compatibility on new games anymore, as it’s been a long time since I’ve encountered one where it’s a problem. I’m glad this came up. Those early-adopter bonus pets were sorely tempting me.



Dr Helena Russell.

Good grief, why do I still remember that? :)


Not that I’m personally too bothered, but the email I just received from them states that the Steam copy of the game is drm-free and can be played offline which may be useful for some to know.


I hate that this is a “feature” in 2018.

If the last two games that I played that didn’t have 21:9 support at launch are anything to go by, prepare yourself for lots of angry posts in the Steam forums and reviews about the lack of this essential feature. Unlocked frame rate, that’s the other one that gets certain people to blow their tops (the 60 Hz limit on the menu screen of Into the Breach was the best one! “Literally unplayable.”).


I suggest a known issues post noting that ultra-widescreen support is in the works and expected in X weeks to head that crap off.



Oof this sounds pretty bad. Game just went to wait and see for me.


At least I only backed it at the lowest teir.


Yeah, I’d still be happy with my backing after reading those comments. Not all projects can be diamonds.


I’m one of the backers who posted in that forum (watchdog) and I’m holding onto a thread of hope for this, but after playing the two betas, it’s not grabbing me. Compared to the living underworld of UU 1 and 2, the betas felt utterly sterile and static – shockingly, the opposite of what the project was promised to do. And the art style… ugh. Way too cartoon-y.

But I have my thread of hope. Maybe the betas were done with low-res artwork and were dull and static because the AI wasn’t fully implemented. It was already stated that the living environment stuff was cut, so that’s a blow.

I didn’t pay a tremendous amount for this game, but more than the release price. I’m usually pretty lucky with this Kickstarter stuff, but this could be my first real regret. It’s sad. I really expected more from Paul and crew.


Jesù Christò.


More than Outpost? That seems impossible. I bought Oupost as soon as it hit the store shelf and it was a tire fire of broken promises.


Is it weird that I sort of want to play it more now, knowing it’s going to be disappointing?