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I’m just going to repost my comments from TTLG–

So against my better judgment I tried installing this in its current state. First thing I realized is that I need a newer graphics card to play this. My current one, a Radeon 7800-something, renders the “environ” with regular stuttering and hitching.

That being said, my first impressions…

The aesthetic is fine so far. Nice looking environments, good ambient sounds. It didn’t crash. This concludes the positive points.

The intro is bad. It’s just a floating face reading off some painfully generic spiel about how you have been summoned to defeat the great evil and bla bla bla something about factions factions factions. Did absolutely nothing to immerse me in the world. Felt more like the kickoff of a weekend D&D session, and not a good one. I realize this is the product of a small team with a limited budget, so I wasn’t expecting something like Thief’s intro cinematic, but it just feels like the bare minimum effort was put into it. All it needed was some good writing. Compare with the intro to the original Myst, which is 90% just a tumbling book, but still gives me chills. That intro made me want to discover the game’s secrets. UA, on the other hand, just slaps you on the head and yells, “We got secrets! Go discover them! So many secrets we have!”

There are glowing bright blue bottles scattered everywhere. Since they’re glowing, they’re some kind of potion, right? Nope, just environmental trash. Can’t even put them in inventory.

The voice I picked for my character (Stephen Russell), makes screaming grunting sounds like he’s about to die just from lugging a small wooden crate around.

Every piece of ore I pick up seems to fly straight into my mouth.

The first door I set on fire, the burning sound never went away even after all the pieces burned up. And it was loud.

Frobbing locked doors always displays a line of text like “The • symbol is visible.” No, that symbol is not visible. WTF does this even mean?

Every time you open a chest, there’s a big puff of smoke, a burst of sparks(??), and then the “contents” of the chest visibly spawn into the world right in front of you. It looks ridiculous.

When arrows are equipped, your current arrow count is not displayed. Also, maybe it’s just my crappy frame rate, but arrows seemed to be hitscan instead of actually flying to their target.

The mission summary screen (yes, UA is apparently mission-based, sigh) seemed to be displaying internal variable names instead of proper descriptive labels for some of the stats.


I thought this was some kind of bug at first, but then I found a key with the • symbol on it…


They probably didn’t have the bandwidth to actually create a • symbol and put it on the door.


I’d be down with that if dark regions also displayed the message, “It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.”


Or even bothering to ship me my $500 copy.


Wow. And I was annoyed with Obsidian for taking three months to get me the physical rewards I’d ordered.




Got an immediate update on my $500 Shroud of the Avatar (maybe someone reads these forums): “Hopefully before next year!”

Yep. Hopefully.


Why not ask for your money back? It’s not like SoTA still shows any real promise. At least drop back to a less extravagant funding level.


Not sure that’s an option for a 2013 purchase. I doubt I’ll ever play the game, at this point, so I guess it was a donation to help Richard Garriott do something he liked for a while. But it’s now been more than 25 years since he did anything worthwhile on the gaming front, so I guess it’s time to let it go.


This comment reminded me that I hadn’t uninstalled SOTA. So thanks. Freed up like 100GBs.


Heh, that’s how I feel about UW:A, but they didn’t sell in-game houses for thousands of dollars and that was only like thirty bucks.


A recent post outlined their roadmap for the next couple of weeks, which is basically making sure everyone gets their key and rewards (fair enough), and deal with the initial wave of bugs including addressing save-game state bugs (keybindings not saving). It doesn’t specifically mention improving the save game behaviour in this time period, with the next patch probably after Thanksgiving (looks up the date because who knows when that is). I’m going away in early December so I guess I’ll wait until I get back in the new year and hope they’ve found a solution that works.


Video update from the game director:


That… Kyle McLaughlin… hair


Hey they can’t all be


I preferred him with glasses, an axe, and Carmack.


That’s a bit glib and dismissive. What you said you were building was a sequel to UU. The expectation, both logically natural and continually encouraged by your team, was a game that shared DNA with its predecessors. It seems that, when you changed your minds about delivering what you promised, the people to whom it wasn’t communicated were everyone not working for Otherside.

Somehow, I suspect reading you say how happy you are to come in to work every day doesn’t fill anyone with contentment. More like inexpressible rage with a soupçon of horror.


I’m not into game development but just from a layman point of view, I asked again - why launch a game prematurely and then struggle to rush out hotfix after hotfix? They don’t have publisher to pressure them so why???