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I’m not saying I will back day one, but I got up and at 6 AM searched Kickstarter to see if the campaign has launched yet… (who am I kidding, I’m DEFINITELY backing on day one!).

Yeah, I know that but for some reason one of the parts of UW1 that stuck with me was the old woman who asked me to keep an eye out for her husband - and then later on you find his body. I felt so bad for that old lady stuck in the underworld by herself! At least that’s how I remember it, and if I’m wrong, don’t correct me!


Article up about it on RPS. Though at the time of this post, the link to Kickstarter just 404’s.



Glad to see you guys lowered your ask. Good luck!


Backed. It’s been a while since I used Kickstarter, but didn’t they used to offer Amazon Payments? I seem to recall making all my old pledges through that. But that wasn’t an option today.


I pledged, obviously.

Only spot that missed the mark was the music. The original UW1 music was (to me), iconic in the same way as the famous Elder Scrolls theme. That title screen theme and exploration theme in particular. Imagine an orchestral arranged non-soundblaster version of that.


Aaaaand backed. My first kickstart ever! Good luck guys, can’t wait to see where you take this.


We already have those reworked. We decided to go with the ‘new’ for now, but yes we did a reworking of a few of the originals.
More importantly, I want to make sure we have a good dynamic system…I’ve made the developers watch ‘The Raid’. I want my audio to work exactly like it does in that film. UU was already pretty close 20 years ago. But true dynamic music. Music as another character…that kind of thing. Nowadays being able to play with music stems and whatnot I think it is totally possible to pull off.


Awesome! Hope you get a chance to post them in a KS update at some point. Hit that nostalgia hard!

Those songs are Underworld to me, evoking sense memories of a time long ago in the same way as the Superman theme. There’s not a great deal of game music with that same power, Deionarra’s theme from Planescape:Torment, that DOOM song (you know the one), Portal Stll Alive, Stones, and the Elder Scrolls theme come to mind.

I originally had Stones off this list but I just listened to it and it took me right back too.


Any way to back outside of KS yet? KS seem to have ditched Amazon for their own payment platform now and I am trying to limit adding more online vendors to those that have my cc details.


Not yet…about 2 weeks before we open that door.
Kickstarter gets grumpy if you do it from the start.


Cool, I assume Paypal will be the other eventual option? I’ll probably hold out until then. I imagine that means you’ll also see marginally less extracted fees from that route.


yeah the usual means. and yes more money comes to us…but there is more money that comes to us from other places with the successful KS too.


Backed. Are you going to have an ability to purchase extra add-ons outside of kickstarter? I like that option since it seems to offer a balance to kickstarter and still allow for direct purchase of extra items directly from the developer.


Already predictive tracking over the initial target and most people are just finishing up their morning coffee or sleeping. Also it’s half an hour behind and missing like $20k (~50%).


I’d love for this to hit the $1.05m goal so we can get the toolkit. I’ve already submitted my vote for the shambler. Either way they turn out, I’ll enjoy smashing them to aid my Dwarven allies in taking over the underworld.

PS: Please make the Dwarves as awesome as all Dwarves deserve to be!




Dwarves…let’s see if they go with my take.


By the way, I found this Eurogamer article from back in July 2014 about this.

…it’s no surprise to find out that Underworld Ascension only really exists - at the moment - on paper and in Neurath’s mind. “We’re really only about three-four weeks into this,” he admits (albeit a couple of weeks ago), and says the team will be flinging ideas around “for quite some time”.


I was tempted for the Alpha and Beta tiers but ultimately (heh) just went with the early backer $20. Stygian Abyss was literally life changing for me so I am excited for a little bit of nostalgia here. Good luck guys!