Unfunny gaming cartoons

Can anyone top this?

Im not so sure thats possible.

I dunno… if the art was a little better, it could have a sort of Charles Addams quality to it…

I dont know if it’s worse but its stupid.

I’m not sure what it has to do with gaming, but it’s called Gaming Babies, so why not.

That Gaming babies cartoon is AWFUL.

I couldn’t even find any more. There doesn’t seem to be anything at www.gamingbabies.com.

That one gets bonus points for the creative title.

I don’t know what’s up with Nitrozac & company. Y2K was pretty funny for a year or two, then she kicked off that Joy of Tech thing, and not one of them was funny for about half a year, before I finally got around to reorganizing my bookmarks and haven’t visited her site since 2001 or so…

This thread’s great! Do more!


Yeah, I agree. There’s something funny about unfunny comics.

In a “laughing at them, not with them” sort of way.

I can’t decide if something like “A Gaming Comic” is supposed to be a straight, earnest attempt at being funny or an ironic self-referential examination of the subject (web comics, geek humor). It’s bad but is it deliberately bad? How do you spot fakes in this sort of thing?

From http://yarsc.keenspace.com/

I strongly think that the majority of these comics are penned by teens. In the last comic shown, “fawk” is a commonly used word by teens to get around swear filters on some online RPGs that I’ve seen.

Apparently a lot of these kids have yet to develop their sense of humor. (I should know. I have 4 nephews - two in the early teens who talk exactly like that.)

What is the world coming too, Do people really exist that think this kind of thing is humorous in anyway, could it all be a hoax?

You want bad?

Nice! Do more!


I believe Mr. Chick sees us as raging monkeys in cages that he keeps around and pokes for his enjoyment.