UNICEF finally gets fed up with Facebook likes

Telling people to just stop liking stuff and actually do something.

“Sometimes I worry that I will get sick, like my mom got sick,” the child says in the captioned ad, his brother playing in the background. “But I think everything will be alright. Today, UNICEF Sweden has 177,000 likes on Facebook.”

Every charity needs to start doing this.

I don’t like anything on Facebook even if Jesus himself had a Facebook page. On the other hand, I like the idea that I can be responsible for saving 12 children’s lives and it will only cost me a measly 4 bucks. It doesn’t come much cheaper than that. I’m going to look into it (but I’m not going to like it).

Unicef not liking Facebook likes…they must be socialist.

But whoever thought of this was a genius. Liking something doesn’t “help” them unless they are being paid by the like.

Bah, fuck it. The Unicef website is a big pile of shit. They should take some instruction from the Swedish version. If you want my money make it so easy that I can’t help but giving you money motherfuckers! A huge red button that says “Donate $5 to save 12 people” would be nice. And add some Paypal support.