Uninstall the Hola "VPN" plugin RIGHT NOW:

See link for more info: http://adios-hola.org/

Yeah, I uninstalled Hola a while ago when I tired to update a version and the new one and associated pages just looked dodgy as fuck. Some light googling revealed it was now doing to odd things.

Just do yourself a favour and subscribe to a decent VPN service and be done with it. Sooner or later any of these free services are going to start inserting unwanted things or doing shitty things with your traffic as they look to create revenue.

What is a good and fairly priced VPN service? Any recommendations?

TunnelBear I like.

I just VPN to my router at home, but that’s more for using coffeeshop wifi than anything else.

I have a yearly sub to Private Internet Access…mostly just to get around mlb.tv local blackouts and BBC streaming stuff. It works great for those services. If you buy yearly it’s like $3 a month…I think it’s $7 if you subscribe monthly.

Torguard is also pretty highly rated. TechBargainshas a 50% off coupon, which brings the cost to $2.50/mo. when you subscribe for a year. Not sure how long that coupon is good for.

Both of those are fine, I am using AirVPN currently. If all you care about is getting around geo-restrictions, just about anything will do. If you also care about privacy and anonymity, there is a good list and analysis is here:

Unblock Us works very very well if you want to use it for Netflix and the like. Its also 4 or 5 bucks a month.

I really do like unblock-us and have even set up a separate sub-domain at home so that I have a ‘canadian’ and ‘us’ network I can attach my devices to. Having said that, what I liked about Hola was the portability. I liked being able to fire it up on whatever laptop / computer I was on at whatever location. Granted, I have, probably, a unique situation where I can watch a lot at work / do the occasional travel. Yes, I can also move unblock-us as well, but that screws my kids out of glorious American Netflix at home.

I used Private Internet Access for a couple of years. I was mostly satisfied with it, but they are so popular that I was often IP blocked from sites while using the primary servers. I’m currently using NordVPN and so far so good. They have adequate worldwide coverage and recently added a handful of fast US servers. They are $36 for a year.

Bumping this for what is probably a dumb question:

Does Hola present a security risk even when the browser is not in use? For instance I have removed it from chrome, but can I install it onto firefox and use that to bypass georestrictions? I have Private Internet Access, but hulu blocks that. Trying to limit my exposure here but still stream America to me.

I wouldn’t risk it.

Not sure you’ll find good a free version without hassle & security risks…
Might be worth looking into a VPN or something like unblock, though those will set you back about 5$ a month.

The site on the OP is a bit silly and exaggerated. Don’t take it to heart.

HOLA is a p2p proxy system, so of course it’s going to allow other people use your internet connection. In the other hand, you can use theirs. It’s one thing for the other.

You don’t use it to have secure anonymous Internet. You use for things like bypassing georestrictions, and turn it off when you are done. And no, given that it’s a normal extension of the browser, it isn’t a security risk if the browser is closed or the extension is deactivated.

I would not risk it. There are other vulnerabilities. Not to mention if others are using your IP as an exit node, guess who’s IP is being tracked if they are doing nefarious things with that connection…

Have you tried logging a support ticket with PIA to see if they are doing anything about the Hulu situation?

If you wait around, you can often find pretty good deals on VPN service. For example, right now there’s a lifetime subscription for $39 here: https://stacksocial.com/sales/proxpn-premium-lifetime?aid=a-qdg54o31

I wouldn’t count on that “lifetime” subscription lasting more than a year. But $39 for a year seems reasonable, and you never know.

Anyone know of a source of good free vpn details, preferably with uk based vpn? those ones you setup the vpn yourself via windows and put in some details (like logon name and password)?

I would only look to use a vpn infrequently, so all the paid for options seem a bit too over-priced for my use (like the occasional trip abroad etc). I’ve tried a few of those ones that you download software to install (like CyberGhost vpn etc), and mostly they have not worked, so using windows inbuilt vpn, and login details from a website seems best?

If you have family in the UK, set one up on their router. Otherwise, I would not trust a free VPN. You can buy day or week passes for many of the paid VPNs.

hmm i had not thought on setting one up at home, that seems to make a whole lot of sense. Cheers Stusser :)