Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for 2016?

I see what you did there.

Oh shit sorry that was Wumpus.

Good deal on a UPS today if you’ve been wanting one:

(Noticed just now it’s the same as the original post just $100 less)

Yep, highly recommended!

awesome deal. I scooped one up yesterday. 1/2 price. You can’t even buy replacement batteries for that.

Actually, you can. I need new batts in my ancient APC SU1250 but they would cost me something like $160 for a pair locally. On Amazon though, I got a pair in a better brand with free shipping for $82. So I just got those instead of the Cyber unit which although probably awesome, has less than half the run time of mine. I just pity the UPS guy who has to deliver my 35lb box.

He’s too busy complaining about me ordering 40 pound bags of wood pellets for the smoker.

We have a generator now, so I don’t need these massive power units anymore, just something to cover the 10-15 seconds before the generator turns on.

Had a short outage today, the UPS worked like a champ. Decided to check my logs and noticed the version of the software I was using was 1.6.1 from 2015. I checked the Cyberpower site and there is indeed new version 2.2.1 , not sure if anyone else uses Cyberpower PowerPanel Personal edition, but its worth updating for some of the new features.