unique KATAMARI DAMACY HAT! new one of a kind gamewear

and a cute girl to boot. that can crochet, apparently. tough to beat a cute girl that can crochet and knows about katamari damacy.

Yeah, 12 year olds kick ass. :roll:

please, she is totally older than 12.

15, max. Don’t make me email her, cause I will. I swear da’ gawwwd!

Ok, screw it, I did a little research. From what I can tell her name is Heather Morton. In 2001 she did a “research paper” on IRC that can be found at this link. Her Amazon Wishlist is a little wierd.

After further snooping it turns out she is 23 as of August 2004, which means beecubed can hit it without going to prison. She’s heavily into cosplay up in Canadada and designs her own costumes, in fact, she’s going to school to be a costume designer. She has a boyfriend that she describes as a cross between Harry Potter and Spiderman, so that may be an obstacle. She’s 5 ft 6inches and weighs 120 lbs. Oh, and she likes the second Bill and Ted movie more than the first one. Here are some pics of her for your personal enjoyment:

Likes the 2nd Bill and Ted better than the first? That’s a total deal-killer.

An obstacle to what? Not collapsing in gales of laughter?

Doesn’t everyone like the second Bill and Ted movie more?

An obstacle to what? Not collapsing in gales of laughter?[/quote]

That she might not be into more normal geeks, erm, like a cross between a Penny Arcade comic and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac?

it is somewhat disturbing what you can find out about someone who frequents the internet.

An obstacle to what? Not collapsing in gales of laughter?[/quote]

… :roll:

An obstacle how?

Well, you remember what Peter does to Flash in the first movie, right? How about the fact that people who endanger or threaten his woman tend to end up dead or crazy?

That’s even without considering the Harry Potter part. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to try and steal the girlfriend of possibly the most powerful wizard ever. He’s fucked up Voldemort what, 5 times now? Draco Malfoy is his bitch, and he put the hurt on Malfoy’s dad, too.

She’s not hot enough to be worth all that.

RE: nutsak’s picture:

When did Spider-Man become a jedi? And why does he keep one of those worms from Tremors up his sleeve?


Ep. III. nutsak forgot the spoiler warning. :wink:

Oh shit sorry.


Spider Potter is Darth Maul’s Brother.

Holy Canole it’s up to $83!!

So, am I beating off to a girl who likes nerds or not?

I think when she says her boyfriend is like Peter Parker, she means that he’s also a failed web designerRIM SHOT HOHOOOBOYS DRINKS ARE ON ME!

Okay, this thread has convinced me to not put any of you guys down as references in my next job hunt. No offense.