Unity Engine Enshittification: developers will be charged on a per-install basis

The process of enshittification is hitting developers using the Unity Engine…

Hahahaha. The discussion I’ve seen for this from devs has been entirely negative.

Goddamn but I hate that word. I can just imagine the smug look on Doctorow’s face as he typed that out: ‘Enshittification, oh man, that’s going to absolutely kill.’

Honestly, I love it - it is an incredibly apt description of the process, and it repeats EVERYWHERE.

I hope this is good news for my best boy DragonRuby. Such a great little engine.

I’m annoyed by its uselessness, its perverse attempt to turn a pretty common concept into a strangely specific jargon. But I think this article captures my thoughts better than I could express them.

A veritable collection of dev responses here

The reason is right here


Per install. What a fantastic idea. as someone who installs and uninstalls games all the time for space reason, I’m happy to know I may contribute to the game developer actually losing money in that process.
Seriously, is there any dumber licensing they could think of?

I can’t read those responses because Twitter has been enshittified and now you have to login to see tweets. :D

But seriously, a thousand Godot evangelists have to be having the happiest day of their lives. Long live the Godot/Mastodon dual monarchy.

Actually what would prevent Unity from just mass installing games from some stupid ass remote company to just claim monies. The more seconds i dedicate to thinking about it, the stupider and scummier it sounds.

I couldn’t agree more. It really does kinda tell me that Cory Doctorow is Taylor Swift for old white guys. :)

This is terrific, thank you.

They ensure their developers that they have a detection system for re-installs, pirated installs, or generally any misuse of install tracking, which would make multiple installs per user not a problem.

Of course, nobody is allowed to see this magical system they have to calculate how many installs a game gets, you just get to pay them what they bill you and trust them that they are being accurate.

Also, there’s already been an ongoing, extensive and very informative discussion already going on our forum that begins here:

Rumours have it that this is basically some stock manipulation scheme. The CEO allegedly sold shares before the announcement, and I half expect the company to issue a half-assed apology and a retraction due to the overwhelmingly negative feedback, shares go down and get rebought, CEO is richer and still owns the same stock.

Then again, this is John Riccitiello, former EA CEO. I’d call him a cunt, but he has neither the depth nor the warmth for it.

Guys please, this was clearly normal sales of shares! This is not insider trading. The CEO always sells shares before they drop in price, don’t ask why this happens so often!

I was worried until you said the word “magical”. Now it all made sense XD

The situation is hilarious.

They are trying to do what the AMPTP is doing to writers and performers.

We will pay you based on streaming viewing numbers. No, we cannot share with you how we gather these numbers or what they are, you have to trust that we are being fair and accurate.

Like… come on…

People should check how much a share is valued at. It seems he sold 0.5% of what he has. It’s a non-news.