Unity Engine Enshittification: developers will be charged on a per-install basis

Ah. You guys do something that could fit into “entertainment” and thus not forced into the industry license.

But everybody outside of games and entertainment (and with finances over $1M) is being moved into the industry license ($4.5k per seat per year).

So it’s all good so long as it is only a little illegal.

“I may have committed some light treason”

‘Enshittification’ is the perfect word. What one word is more succinct?

Editted because I don’t know any Doctorows and shouldn’t have written something mean about one of them.

On the other hand, he doesn’t seem to have much faith in his leadership (from the article)…

Guru Focus notes that this follows a trend, reporting that Riccitiello has sold a total of 50,610 shares this year, and purchased none.

I doubt it. There’s a lot of low effort question threads that don’t have the userbase to answer them. It’s cool if it’s good enough for someone, there’s no lack of open engines that offer different things that they can help grow, but if they need whatever from Unity, they very likely need to budget lots of other things that are going to make the increase somewhat less relevant.
It’s probably going to get some to move asses that should have left their comfort zone a while ago, but nothing is ever going to really change.
I wonder if more games will start depending on a server that goes away and disables them or makes them too annoying, to deincentivize installing.

Theoretically, could platforms retroactively change their SDK or compiler terms of use to charge Unity per-install?

Some clarity on what counts as an install:


So this is why they bought a spyware company.

Somebody had a plan, and it was playing with the lives of many people.

It remains unclear to me how you write a contract between A & B that obligates C, who is not a party to the contract. But IANAL.

The stock is up 36% year to date, so nice work there, John.

I think the reply was one of these “do you guys have phones”. There where not more trough than the people responsible panicking.

If they really wanted to do this, they could just ask game devs to collect that money from microsoft.

Kinda how some taxes works. Here on Spain is how IVA works. When I give a service, on top of the price, my customer pays a 21%. I can’t expend that money, I have to give that money to the government… I am merely a collector.

Someone needs to take away their shovels for a bit.

Also, surprising no and one:

What this actually provides clarity on is that they are not going to quickly reverse this decision.

They can’t at this point. They’ve poisoned the well - this either becomes the new norm, or they’ve destroyed themselves. Reversing at this point has already set everyone against them.

Further support for the idea they will not change course - various ToS shenanigans from June-ish this year.


That feels like something a regulator should take interest in.

I certainly hope so!

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