Unity of Command II - this time it's 3d

DLC is November. But they’re getting distracted by Bruce’s tweets.

I’m on the second set of three missions and I’m on the a-historical track. Some of these missions are pretty difficult. They’re those types of missions with huge maps where you have to sprint your tanks to reach the objectives in time and then hope some cavalry unit doesn’t sneak out of the fog of war to cut off your tenuous supply lines. Except the maps also have a ton of fortified units and most of your own units lack veterancy and specialists.

So it’s kind of a grind even on Normal difficulty. They did warn me the a-historical track is harder, and I’m still happy to be playing more of the game!

I forgot to mention the worst part - there are a lot of enemy supply sources in the middle of the map, so it’s more challenging to cut them off.

The fun news is in the last balance patch, they fixed a bug where the combat results table was limited to a certain point. That’s why even with overwhelming odds, the best you’d get is 0:3. Now that it’s fixed, I’m having fun crushing enemies all the way up at 0:5.

Finished the DLC. I really liked it! It taught me two lessons I’ve forgotten:

  1. Don’t try to play this on Classic difficulty – it’s too hard!
  2. The reason I don’t play more strategy games is I become hopelessly addicted, to the detriment of work and family. Good time for a break.

Next DLC is Barbarossa. So I guess we’re doing Eastern Front with the new engine?

Release will be April.

I’ve been playing a mission a day in the original campaign and have been enjoying it. I’ve just finished Dragoon in conference 4. It was nice because the German units are becoming less elite so it doesn’t take quite the team effort to bring them down. I’m playing on the default (non-classic difficulty). So far the objectives haven’t been super tough to take on time, but I do sometimes miss one or two optional ones.

I’ve seen what you mean about them blowing up bridges even on some of these earlier scenarios. It can really throw you off by a turn or so if you’re not careful.


I bought this and am working through the tutorial. So far I like it.

I put the game down for over a month thinking I gave up on finishing. Do you ever have games that you like, are really well done, but the thought of playing it just tires you out? I don’t know why I’m like that with some games. I usually don’t play more than 1 scenario a day, but today I went and rattled of four - having a great time. Then I get to the Battle of the Bulge and I’m thinking, “Urgg I don’t want to have to deal with that mess”, and I stopped playing. Now I have that feeling that I’m not going to start it back up. It probably wouldn’t even be that bad if i just started playing it, but it just looks like a mess.

I felt compelled to try UoC 2 Battle of the Bulge scenario and pushed through my reluctance. After a couple of turns I felt pretty good and played it for 2 hours. On the last turn I lost a mandatory objective because I forgot it was a mandatory objective and didn’t protect it enough. I think I could have held it, but now the thought of going back any time soon again has just been squashed

Failing objectives right at the last turn is definitely the worst part of the game design. Oh well.

New DLC is out tomorrow! Maybe that will get me back into playing games.

There’s an extensive new tutorial now, and this new feature to address our complaint above.

That would have been very appreciated this morning. I uninstalled but it’s good to know that feature exists. It’ll make it more likely I fire it up again at some point.

This weekend I wasn’t feeling well and my wife was working, so I blasted through the entire DLC.

I liked it a lot, more than the last DLC I think. Normal difficulty felt less frustrating and it had some interesting asynchronous challenges. By the end of the campaign, half of my units had ranked up to elite, but supply issues made things tricky. I also had more resources to break through entrenchments this time. It wasn’t trivial, it just felt like less of a grind.

My comrades are getting ground to dust. So many costly victories. Sometimes it feels like the stragglers outnumber the organized troops.

This DLC addresses an important historical question: how much fun did the Red Army have in 1941?

The answer: not much.

They’re cranking it out now! The DLC war machine is running on all cylinders.

Are they all self-contained campaigns?

Yes they are.