Unity of Command: redo history

Title Unity of Command: redo history
Author Tim James
Posted in Game diaries
When March 30, 2012

There's no undo button in Unity of Command. If I move a unit accidentally, I can't take it back. The developers say they're working to add this feature. In the meantime, I can always redo the scenario. I'm starting to understand how that's part of the appeal..

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I have to say this write up series you did, really has me wanting this game.
Come on STEAM , get with the program!

I'll provide a slightly different take on why wargames appeal to me. I like breaking history. I like doing crazy things, that make what history says happened completely irrelevant. It's similar to the people who like modeling history, it's the same triggers essentially. I just like making history go all sideways.

It's also why I probably go more 4x than wargames, there's more ways to break the system.

In a Stalingrad campaign, does one want a breakout/relief combination to be possible? When? With what conditions or switches to represent 6th Army's freedom of action and/or the sacking of AG Don for allowing it? What losses of equipment and organization?

It's tricky making a scenario in which the basic variables like that have been argued at length - and the more one departs from historical outcomes, the less there's a military history consensus to refer to.

Why not just buy it from the devs? That way they get all the money without Valve taking a chunk, so you can feel good about supporting them that little bit more.

If it ever does come out on Steam, you can just validate your copy and it'll be there in your Steam library.

It's unfortunate for the developers Steam didn't pick it up, as that leaves them with less exposure, but it's no reason those of us that have found out can't buy it. Here, you know you want to: http://unityofcommand.net/

I hope everyone liked the series. Sorry the entries were so short. I was still burned out from the Mass Effect 3 review, but I was having so much fun with Unity of Command that I had to write something about it.

Now go buy the game and join us in the forum!

Aw, it's over? poo.

So now that you're "ready to step through it", what's the next wargame on your list?

I've been playing Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, but that's a tactical WWII sim. I've not decided where to go from here for real wargames. They're all so damn expensive!!

Korsun Pocket for me. I already own it. I'll just have to get over the learning curve.

I don't think this will ever be available via Steam. Matrix published games tend to be available via Matrix only, forever. Matrix do only one sale per year too, and not usually of recent releases. Hence if you want this, I'd suggest getting it now rather than waiting for Steam or a sale.