Universal Binaries for Paradox Titles

Paradox has released universal binaries for half a dozen of their titles, including EUII and Crusader Kings:


By universal, this means Mac OS universal?

This is probably a dumb question, but is there some way to use the PC version with the Mac universal binary? I have my laptop with me at work and it’s slow. Wouldn’t mind trying someof the tutorials.

My laptop can dual boot Xp and OSX, but my office is Mac based so I need to stay in OSx while I’m here.

Not easily. If the program does not use 3d, you can buy Parallels Desktop and run XP in a Virtual. As a bonus, it can read your Boot Camp partition with the latest beta.

It also lets you run apps in Coherence mode, which makes the XP desktop go away and make the app look like it’s running in OSX.

VMWare Fusion is rumored that it will support 3d acceleration while running Windows in a VM.

Yes, the universal binary patch means these games will run natively under OS X, and not call up Rosetta when booted.

Parallels claims it’s version 3.0 will do the same. There’s a video of Fusion running 3d accellerated games on a mac, but the current fusion product doesn’t do it yet - I’ve got a MacBook Pro from work, and tried.

Amusingly, Parallels does run some older games, so I’ve been playing JA2 gold.

…you mean I can play games on this thing?

I’ll try HoI2 – it crashed all the time on my Intel Mac, despite myself wanting to like it.