Universal Combat sequel

I think this thread would be far more entertaining if we had Derek Smart here.

I’m surprised to hear this. Didn’t Derek indicate that he wasn’t going to do any more massive simulations after Universal Combat and was working on an action game (set in the Battlecruiser world, I think) for the XBox? Or am I remembering this wrong?



If you read the interview at HomeLan, you’re right. He hadn’t planned on doing the UC sequel. Next up was the XBox game. He goes into why he decided to do a smaller scale, prettier UC game, but it’s not groundbreaking enough to worry about repeating.

I didn’t see any word on who will be publishing either of these games. I’m guessing that DreamCatcher has the right of first refusal on UC:E2E, but perhaps not. Back to self-publishing?


If I remember correctly, in Smart’s contract with DreamCatcher they had no rights to a UC sequal or special edition type thing. So Mr. Smart can simply rerelease UC with minor improvements, call it a special edition and self publish it.

Haha. Gamespot called Derek Smart an outspoken head.

I’m not sure but I remember a thread where it was written that DS and Dreamcatcher are in love again.

It changes on a day to day basis depending on who is bitch slapping who.

November 2004? Can we start a pool?

The interview said that Derek didn’t have a publisher yet for UC2, but in usual Derek-Speak, he had lots of hot leads but if nobody met his stringent demands he’d get a distributor. Yadda, Yadda.

I’ll take 100-1 against.

One hundred quatloos on the newcomers.