UNO Cage Match Tonight: Fight!

My wife suggested cuddling up in front of the TV with a bottle of wine and a 360 controller this evening, probably around 9:00 pm EST. She wants to throw down with some UNO.

Warning: She might want to play a game or two of “draw until you have something to play.” I can’t control her but I sure love her idea of romance.

Who’s in?

Side note: If she falls asleep, this might become GRAW Cage Match against infinitely spawning enemies night.

Uno is more fun with funky rules.

My own Uno group plays thusly:

Draw until you can play something.
You can stack draw 2’s and 4s. That is, if somebody puts down a draw 4, protect yourself with another one and pass it.

You can use skips and reverses to send draw 2s careening around. This makes things hilarious as you think you’re about to screw up somebody horribly only to wind up with a ton of cards sent right the hell back at you.

Sure, I’ll be on sometime. I bought Full Auto and Far Cry Instincts Predator this week, so I’ll probably be playing one of those, but I’ll still probably accept an Uno invite.

My fiancée has been hogging my 360 ever since I picked up UNO. I’ve been encouraging her to go online and try it, but she’s concerned about her habit of swearing like a trucker when she gets Wild Draw Four’d, Draw Two’d, hell… Even having her turn skipped will tend to elicit a solid “Fuck!”.

I’ll see if she’s interested in hopping online tonight. If you see “FriarCoop” on, that’s me. And by me, I mean her, playing UNO and cursing up a blue streak.

Draw until you can play something is sweet. I might be available, ‘fucli zombi’ is my gamertag.

Another fun fun thing I tried yesterday:

  1. PROGRESSIVE penalties. You throw a draw two? the next eprson, if they have one, can stack one on top and avoid drawing 2. The person after them can do the same- this goes on and on until someone doesnt have a draw two. That person then draws for EACH of those, so you can end up drawing like, 10.

  2. The free 35th anniversary deck (you have to DL it in the marketplace, but it is free and adds this extra card, you change to this deck when setting up the rules for the game).

It has a card that sounds useless, but is awesome. The 35 card. Once played, nothing, NOTHING can be played on top of it except a 3 or 5. Wilds cannot be played, etc… You can stop someone with uno and a wild draw 4 with this baby. Sometimes EVERYONE draws like a zillion cards due to this.

Ephraim, I wouldnt let her worry about cursing, IMO, if it bothers someone they should say something instead of sitting there getting pissy. I’ve not had any complaints and my language sure gets blue when I play a game.

Plus you get animated streamers when you play the card. Everyone loves that.

Of course, I was trying to slightly preserve my manhood by not suggesting we use that deck for the confetti.

I’d put my wife on but she’s working tonight and thinks UNO is for pussies. She’ll play DOA4, though I doubt online.

I’m up for GRAW as well or whatever.

Damn, gotta miss it. Out of town this weekend. Next week.

I’m not sure about the last rule you mentioned but I played the progressive rules (draw 2’s, 4’s stack) with a couple of QT3 UNO experts last weekend. I really liked the rule. I suggest we play that way tonight.

You can’t tell how the person feels about a draw 4 without a good reaction. It wouldn’t bother me a bit. The wife and I will probably pass the headset back and forth.

For future reference-
Can you play 2 vs. live on one machine? I didnt see any obvious option of 2 player local matches either, do you just start up multi w/ 2 controllers connected and both signed in?

I’m unsure but I don’t think so. How would you hide your hand from your opponent?

Oh fucking DUH. Color me retarded.

colors DOne and done.

DOn’t worry, I looked for 10 minutes until it dawned on me about that…

Anyways, any game, tonight…

Uno, Smash TV (never played online), GRAW, Halo 2, The Outfit (why doesn’t anyone play this???), DOA4 (I lag a bit in big matches), and others. Just hollar. Demon G Sides is my GT, friend up.

BTW folks, if it isn’t obvious, my gamertag is fuzzyslug.

I’m fulci zombi, of course, but just in case and for future reference, I threw it into

<---- the location field in the profile.

Just to add Moore suggestion here:

Send an invite if I’m online.

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