Unofficial QT3 GOTY - The Wrap Up Topic

The Winners

Company of Heroes

Gears of War

Now that the voting is over I thought I’d go ahead and show you the weighted returns from the original voting.

Just as a point of reference I took everyone’s ordered list and assigned them the following values: 5,4,3,2.5,2. I wanted a “soft landing” since people’s preferences seemed less clear after the first few. Any title that didn’t get at least two votes was disqualified.

Looking at these numbers I’d have to call Oblivion the clear winner for combined GOTY, as it managed to score high on both lists, despite cannibalization that hurt titles like Lego Star Wars II.

(now with revised numbers)
Oblivion 143.5
Company of Heroes. 109.5
Neverwinter Nights 2 83
Space Rangers 2 59.5
Titan Quest 58
Galactic Civilizations 2 57
Gothic 3 37.5
Defcon 30.5
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 30
Dominions 3 27.5
Half Life 2: Episode 1 27.5
Medieval 2: Total War 26
Guild Wars Nightfall 23.5
Civilization IV: Warlords 23
Rise of Legends 18
Hitman: Blood Money 16.5
GTR2 14.5
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic 12.5
Prey 10
Red Orchestra 10
Star Wars: Empire at War 9.5
Guild Wars Factions 9
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 8
Dwarf Fortress 8
Lego Star Wars II 7
Caesar IV 7
Fall from Heaven II 6.5
Battlefield 2142 5.5

Dead Rising 111
Gears of War 71.5
Final Fantasy XII 67
Okami 45
Oblivion 40.5
Zelda - Twilight Princess 40
Guitar Hero 2 38
Viva Piñata 34
Saints Row 32
Rainbow Six: Vegas 29.5
Wii Sports 28
Chromehounds 18
Lego Star Wars 2 17
New Super Mario Brothers 16.5
God Hand 11
Bully 10.5
Winning Eleven 9 10.5
Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime 10
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin 9.5
Tony Hawk: Project 8 8
Disgaea 2 8
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 7.5
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 7.5
Valkyrie Profile 7
Elite Beat Agents 6.5
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence 6
Burnout Revenge 5.5
Excite Truck 5
Chibi Robo 4.5
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 4.5
Tomb Raider: Legends 4.5

Interesting stuff. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Andrew.

How many votes did the winner get? not that I can’t go fish for the other threads but really, all info should be in this one right?

Also, what to make of it then? Oblivion won the first round of voting, but lost to Company of Heroes in the finals, making CoH the PC GOTY, right?

Also, great job. Thanks for taking the time.

PS> kinda surprised Guitar Hero 2 didn’t get that many votes. And a 2005, sleeper hit release, Space Rangers 2, was fourth out of 30 pc games listed, huh.


. ok so in the Console voting Zelda:twilight princess got 25 votes, against clear winner Gear of War, 36 votes.

. In the pc Goty CoH pulled ahead with 55 votes against Oblivion (44). SR2 was actually third in that voting, with 15 votes. This despite people being warned it was a 2005 release.

Didn’t the starforce free US release of Space Rangers 2 come out in 2006?

By the Entity’s grace my topic has become sticky! I am blessed!
(Thanks Tom)

Wow! A non-Chick sticky. WTG, Mr. Mayer.

um, Dark Crusade has three separate entries.

You’re right. Good catch! (See what happens when people don’t use consistant naming conventions? I’m looking at you Daggerfall: Oblivion: Elder Scrolls)

Okay, that gives it 30 points straight up, putting it between Defcon and Dominions 3.

Thanks for doing the polls and adding up all those numbers. It’s quite interesting that neither GotY topped the the two score lists. Discuss the relevance of this result to representative democracy.

It means people like Bush get elected. Twice.


That’s not a bad final list. Good stuff.

I didn’t vote, but I agree about COH winning, it’s the only RTS I’ve played for more than a few levels since Dune 2 (!).

Hmmm just noticed how bad Bully did. Wonder why it didn’t rank higher?

Not many people played it, maybe? Other than Tom’s high praise of it, (which got me to buy it with Xmas cash, thanks Tom!) I hadn’t heard much buzz about it. Had I played it before I made my selections, I might have made different choices.

Actually, there are a few games I played this holiday that might have made the list had I played them earlier.

It’s the difference between voting your top five and voting your number one. My guess is the top of the weighted lists didn’t get as many #1 rankings but was on a lot more people’s lists.

So was Tom’s edit to the OP an insertion of the word “unofficial” to the thread title? I understand the distinction, but with an active poster list of 1300 people I think the new title is a bit hamhanded.

Face-saving edit: I note that this topic is stickied (thanks Tom!) and that the final poll thread was apparently labeled “unofficial” by its creator and that it received 127 votes, not 1300. Carry on!

Maybe he edited it to add 40 votes to Dead Rising. ;)

If I had to guess, the target market for Rockstar’s open-world games is focused on the new-gen systems rather than the PS2. Also, the pre-release press covered the controversy rather than the game.

I wasn’t sold until I saw some TV ads showing gameplay footage and read some good reviews. And I still wouldn’t have played it if my 360 hadn’t died, because I had plenty of stuff to play for it. Now it’s one of my favorites for 2006, and I’m only 40% complete. I haven’t enjoyed a Rockstar game like this since GTA3. It’s a shame it probably won’t be ported to either PC or 360.

I think it’ll end up as one of those forgotten gems of the declining era of the PS2. Which reminds me, I probably need to look into getting a copy of Rouge Galaxy.

I would have figured Titan Quest doing better than NWN 2.

Dark Crusade still has two entries. :P