Unreal fans of baseball aren't just in your video games

Unreal fans of baseball aren’t just in your video games It’s no secret that Epic’s Unreal Engine is being used for all sorts of things outside of gaming. From commercials, to architectural schematics, to bringing the galaxy around The Mandalorian to life, the game system has got a lot of life outside of Fortnite. Now that some live in-stadium sports are coming back, Unreal is also being used to fill empty venues with enthusiastic crowds of virtual people. With on-cue waves and idle animations that wouldn’t look out of place in the stands of MLB The Show or a Forza game, we’re quickly approaching the point where sports will be a recognized part of gaming.

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Trump can use this effect at his next inauguration.

The thing that makes a good 3d engine ideal for this application is that stadiums don’t change much over time. This means that you only need to model the stadium properly once in terms of its layout, and then populate it with human 3D models that you can improve over time. It’s much harder to do things spontaneously at random places without making obvious mistakes – for that you’d probably prefer some kind of AI-powered routine.
Ironic that racing and sports games have been working on more realistic crowds for a long time, and now the ‘real deal’ is just copying it over from gaming.