Unreal II XMP

So, I tried this tonight. Couldn’t get the hang of it, but then again it seems like it’s got a bit of depth so maybe I’ll have to give a few more chances. Anyone else try it?

It sort of plays like a BF1942 mod for Unreal. There’s something you need to know that will help your play immensely, though:

Power is KING. Your team will not be able to use most of its abilities unless you have at least one generator captured. I think you need to hold 3 generators to be able to capture the opposite team’s artifacts.

I played online for a bit yesterday, it seemed fun, although plagued by the usual problems of a new demo release (not many servers up, many of the servers were listen servers that someone just intended to be a single player practice but didn’t password protect). We’re going to try to get a game of this going at work on Monday evening, I think. I’ll post more afterwards.

I tried it out last night. It does have potential, but the vehicles drove like wet turds.

I wasn’t that impressed. Its like an unreal2 Tribes variant with uber big maps that really need more than 8-16 people on the server to be fun. Unfortunately, the lag is bad when you have probably anything more than 10-12 players. Its pretty though.

Just played it. No lag that I could feel. Pretty fun dynamics. The vehicles move so-so. Fun variant. I realize why I don’t play online that much anymore… a ton of idiots who think they are God’s gift to gaming constantly spamming “THIS TEAM SUX!!” over and over…

sigh- the game has been out, what, two days now and we have people who are already decrying ‘n00bs’.

I’ve only tried it very briefly but from what I’ve experienced it seems pretty fun. A lot more to it than I expected. I was expecting a basic CTF type thing and although it’s only a variant, it’s interesting.
I’m looking forward to spending more time with it.

This is a great game. I picked up Unreal II at the local Gamestop for $20 just so I can get the full mod.

Here’s what I’m really liking about this game:
[ul]Scoring system takes into account actions besides kills and captures
Dual functions for the three classes: 1. Medic/Sniper 2. Engineer/Hacker 3. Assault/Supply
Speed of the characters with limited sprint and jump jets for a bit more mobility
Spawn point system
Energy system: the more your side has active (deployables, turrets, etc.) the more generators you need to own

CompUSA has Unreal II on sale this week for $9.99, with a free copy of Civ2 in the box (huh?). It’s even an instant rebate so no mail-in required.

Actually it depends on the number of deployables and turrets are active, and the number of spawns for vehicles and people. If you’re sparingly using force walls and turrets you can keep everything powered with one generator, but if the engineers are going crazy and you’re spawing like mad, you’ll need three out of four just to keep everything running.

[EDIT] And I found out that jump jets drain power from the team’s pool.

The full version of XMP is out. Free download for people who already own Unreal II and it’s bundled in the Special Edition of Unreal II on store shelves.

Many mirrors and the like listed at http://www.beyondunreal.com

It’s a fun game mode, and the maps are varied and interesting. I especially enjoy the supa low-grav one where you jump from asteroid to asteroid.

Considering you can find Unreal II for as little as $10 out there, it’s worth looking into.