UnReal World: Survival Roguelike from Scandanavia

UnReal World was mentioned in a recent indie game thread and since I had specific questions, I thought I would start a thread that I will happily let die on the vine if there is no further interest as I prefer not to clutter things up with useless threads (OK, that is not entirely true.)

I am into my second month of gameplay, have walked forever and only come up with a cave and no other settlements. The settlement I started near was a vagabond village with a single mud hut. The vagabonds quickly moved on and I have not seen one since my first days in the settlement.

I cannot trade to get a shovel. I need tying materials. I need to make bandages. I realize I have time before winter, so I will continue to search out other travellers. The couple of times I have come across wandering woodsmen or traders, I zoom in to that area, and cannot find the bastards in amongst the trees. I walk all over and they must be hiding.

It has become a bit frustrating. Right now I am poisoned because I accidently ate some spoiled reindeer meat (which by the way has kept an awfully long time as compared to fish or bird and I have done nothing to preserve it. It is sitting outside my shelter in the weather and everything). I feel like I am either missing something or just got a bad starting point.

Any ideas from you successful survivalists?

Where are you? Inland is balanced, Archipelago has a lot of settlements and advanced technology, and Northern has good hunting.

Note that if you run across the map it will give you an option to change campaigns and go to another region entirely with the same character!

Fox traps and javelins are pretty good trading fodder as they just need labor, an axe, and a fire for javelins.

When you do get a shovel you’re going to have fun. You take zero damage from NON-spiked pit traps so you can walk across them all day. When I am in NJ territory, I dig pits so I can sleep safely.

Some maps are just crappy. Sometimes you can start a game and have 20 villages in a small radius and sometimes I can have nothing around at all. The “northern” maps kinda suck, since the tribal villages don’t have shops (or at least I haven’t found one yet). Don’t be too afraid to just tear down and try to find a new location. If you can’t find cloth/hides I’m assuming your area must not have much in the way of game either.

When you’re out looking for villages, if it’s daytime and you have decent climbing skill, climb trees on the zoomed out map every once in a while to get a good 360° view of the surroundings. Also head up hills and mountains to get the same effect w/o climbing.

If you zoom into an area and can’t find what you’re looking for (happens to me a lot too), remember to always hide right away if it’s an animal, then try one of two things. Wander out in a spiral (pay attention to and hide again if you become unhidden), or climb a tree to see around you if you’re in a dense forest.

If I run into any vagabonds or hunters I usually kill them and take their stuff. I haven’t noticed any ill effects.

Don’t worry, if you started in spring or summer then you still have tons of time to get on your feet before winter hits. Now if anybody has actually been successful at trapping I’d love to hear how, heh :)

I know if you ‘accidentally’ kill them with traps it’s okay.

However I think you will be a murderer if you just kill them. You can supposedly talk to them and tell them to GET LOST. Then you can kill the trespassers.

As for traps, I just dig pits and set traps right next to zoom in point (remembering orientation). Then while wandering around I’ll come back to see little critters caught.

My question: What the HECK counts as an arrow shaft?

I did Inland and have expanded my journeys further and further out and have found nothing. As Lucid says below, I think I just got a crapppy map.

Thanks for the tips. Some of those I figured out.

Are you saying you have found hides and/or closed or just that you have killed game and tanned them? There is a decent amount of game, but after a run-in with the reindeer, I have been afraid to try anything larger or even equal to that. His 160 cuts of meat served me well, thoough.

I did start in Spring, so I should have plenty of time. I also made some mittens, so that is something.

Good game, I just need to keep at it and uncover more stuff. When I did the 10 day demo, I started near a settlement with real citizens who had stuffto trade. Once I find one of those, I will set up a new camp. Maybe build me a place in which to setlle down.

Branches. Harvest them from trees using survival.

And here I am thinking they are an incredibly rare resource, and they literally grow on trees.

By killing game and tanning the skins. I know what you mean about the reindeer, they can be one of the meanest animals in the game. I have better luck fighting Elk and Stag, which are bigger, but don’t hurt as much.

I downloaded the demo but haven’t started it yet. I’m curious what’s up with the live-action pictures though. Just easier to produce than graphics?

Is there 90s era FMV in there as well? :)

nitpick: Finland is technically not part of Scandinavia.

Sez who?

Or rather, that depends. Geographically it’s not, but culturally it is and there is not one precise agreed upon definition of Scandinavia. The limited geographical definition is Denmark, Norway and Sweden and the often used (and quite correct) is Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and sometimes Greenland too.

Couldn’t this be handled with a PM?

Not a nitpick if I had no idea of the areas history and that it was not actually a part. Don’t know why I didn’t just say Finnish. (Is that right?) Too late now. I’d rather be called out and corrected on something like that so that I don’t do it again.

Look at me… Qt3 is giving me some edumacation.

Whichever it is, those guys in the pictures are some LARPing mo’ fo’s.

Couldn’t this be handled with a PM?


And of course last night I find two settlements. One sold only assorted meats and fisheys. The other sold nothing. The healer was able to teach me my two new rituals. Hard to tell what effect those have, but really the only one I have used is for the safe night’s sleep.

Nothing really new has occured. I just need to start killing bigger animals. All those hides and leathers equal to less than one pound each sure came together to make what, I would imagine, is an ugly pair of mittens.

EDIT: Also, I had no idea until last night that you could do the tree climbing thing. The mountains an hills I used for looking around, but aside from that, I was wandering around uncovering every 3 X 3 square…that was taking more time than it should. :)

It’s really amusing to see the Dane argue with the Swede about whether the Finns count as Vikings.

Someone on TF2 asked me if I was Scandinavian this week. I felt very flattered.

Did you ask if he included Finland?

For those who don’t mind cheating to resume a character you spent a lot of time with (who may happen to eventually die from a badger bite), you can “save” the game by copying the folder of your character’s name somewhere else, and then paste it after you die to resume from where you were when you copied.


I really like URW, but I guess save-cheating feels even more destructive of the purpose than in other roguelikes. It’s a survival game, and what makes it engaging is that surviving is really freaking hard. If you undo your death in order to make it easier to survive… well, you kind of don’t leave a whole lot of game, if you see what I mean. I mean, sure, you can do some building and some making stuff and whatnot… but if you’re not constantly facing the risk of death, it would feel kind of empty. Just my opinion, of course.