Unresponsive Script in Reviews

Not sure where to draw attention to this, but I was reading some Tom Chick’s older reviews and gradually my computer became less responsive to simple things like scrolling. Then, an error message popped up saying a non-responsive script had occurred. I hit the option to stop running the script, but the message came back without the slowness going away. Eventually, I pretty much had to Ctrl+Alt+Del and close Firefox.

Any one experience anything similar?

I also get this.


Here is a screenshot of it open in the debugger:

It more or less breaks the site until I can either kill the script (which I avoided doing because I wanted to capture it in in the debugger) or, eventually, the plugin it’s hitting (Flash). And that’s on a mildly overclocked 4670k. Fancy as the front page design may be, I don’t think it should be bringing sweet-ass gaming rigs to a grinding halt and chewing up 25%+ processor cycles.

@Synth @tomchick Did you see this?

There are some adverts in the rotation which are horrendous. I don’t think Tom has direct control though, I believe he needs to point them out to his ad provider.

Most of my page was covered in some Tennessee State Bank video ads.

Which is funny, since I lived in Tennessee. . . 5 years ago :)

Thanks for the heads-up, guys. If you guys can give me examples of the horrendous ads in the rotation, I can ask that they be removed. Is there anything that makes an ad horrendous? Like some shorthand way to tell the ad provider, “Hey, don’t post any ads that do X, Y, or Z?” Anything specific I can tell them to keep this stuff from happening would be helpful.

And please, don’t hesitate to @tomchick any post like this so I get an alert!


The difficulty is that if the ad is locking up the page, identifying the right one is hard. Especially if it doesn’t render… I’ve got Firefox locked up at the moment, only 1 advert has rendered and the other slots are blank. Another fun thought is that its combinations of ads.

Its worth noting though, from Armando’s screenshot I can see the bottom of a trip2go advert. That’s the only advert I’ve got rendering on my locked up Firefox. Hardly conclusive but hey lets blame that. :)

@tomchick I suppose it would be too simple (meaning they won’t do it) if you just sent them a link to the page so they can see it in action themselves?

I’m obviously not a techie. :)