Up, up and away!

For those few of you that have been wondering what I’ve been working on since returning to Patuxent River…


It’s been a long strange trip getting this far, and we have a couple of years of flight test ahead of us, but this felt pretty damn good.


Wow, congrats, looks like a sweet piece of kit!

That sounds pretty awesome. When I was with SAIC I worked with some of the guys at the SAIC office in Pax River doing UAV work, but it was only about 1/10000 as cool as that.

CJ, what aspect(s) do you work on?
And yeah, that is ultra-cool.

Thanks guys. I am the Reliability & Maintainability team lead. Been here since before the beginning, as I was also part of the Navy source selection team back in 2007. I’ve gone from a team of less than one (I was half time for six months prior to source selection) to a team of 19 Engineers, Technicians and Analysts. Lots of work ahead of us as we commence flight test despite very challenging financial pressures. More interesting times ahead…