Upbeat Iraqi Bloggers

Working with Spirit of America, a nonprofit group supporting projects in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Fadhil brothers are raising money for an Arabic-language blogging tool for their countrymen. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, who has worked with the group, suggested to presidential aides that the two men “had interesting and inspiring stories and the president might be interested in hearing them,” says White House spokesman Sean McCormack.

The brothers have also helped form the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party. And they seem to have gotten more than a whiff of Western capitalism, using their site to sell IraqtheModel T-shirts and mugs.



Nothing damning here but it doesn’t sound much like ‘just a couple guys’ to me. Just a couple guys who hang out with associates of Wolfowitz and got invited to The White House.

Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if half or more of 'em are actually on a western payroll of somesort.

It sounds like a good idea then, right?

Mugs! THey have mugs! I need a…I must have a Iraqthemodel mug! :roll:

I just hope it wont clash with my support the troops T-shirt!
Now if I can only get the collector dinner plate set of Vietnam: The Domino…

Actually, wasn’t IraqTheModel the one Desslock was pimping? Funny.

correlation does not equal causality, unless the tinfoil hats were folded wrong.