Upcoming 3DS titles?

I finished Ghost Recon for the 3DS and I’m debating if I should just sell the system + game or hold onto it in case some new games show up. Every time I’ve bought a system for a single game I end up holding onto it and then…do nothing with it.

I love games like GR:Shadow Warrior, Jeanne D’Arc, etc. I’m not sure if there are any games coming for the 3DS that are must haves – the current crop are underwhelming to say the least.

Suggestions for upcoming titles or should I just sell it and buy some downloadable games off PSN for my PS3? =)

Zelda, Ocarina of Time, coming in June?

I was hoping for a title newer than 13 years old? =)

There really is absolutely nothing of note coming out on the system for months. One of the worst launch devices I’ve ever bought, and I’ve bought them all.

I suppose if I was -really- into Street Fighter on a portable it would be great. Even the PS2 had a more compelling launch lineup.

I hate to recommend ports, but if you haven’t played Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner, there’s a 3DS version of that coming up in the summer. It’s a strategy RPG which resolves combat with a JRPG-esque battle system. Great game.

Bit Trip Saga, a collection of the Bit Trip games on WiiWare, is also due out this summer. Those are all pretty solid games, and it might be neat to see them in 3d.

The fighting game BlazBlue will be out on 3DS at the end of the month. I’m not convinced of the utility of fighting games on a portable device, but BB is my favorite fighting game, so hopefully it’ll be all right.

Other that that, in the far-flung future, I’m looking forward to Rocket Slime and Etrian Odyssey, both of which I’ve heard are in development for the 3DS.

It might be worth hanging onto it until at least the end of the month for if Ninty manage to get some good stuff up on the E-Shop, mind…

Shin Megami sounds right up my alley, but it sounds like no release date and it’s not even certain it’s coming to North America?

I keep forgetting about the downloadable stuff, is there anything of note on there at all?

I never had a DSi, so I was looking forward to catching up on the DSi store when it was enabled on the 3DS.

When I asked on here what was good on the service, all I got were people just laughing at me.

So, outlook doesn’t seem good.

Hm, going off the Amazon page (here), it looks like SMT should have an August release date in the US.

I’m probably a lot more positive about DSiware than most people (due in no small part to the outstanding stuff from WayForward there), and the existing DSiware library is supposed to be made available through the 3DS eshop when it launches. That being said, I’m not expecting a miracle; Nintendo has really damaged their brand with their handling of downloadable games.

A free 3d version of Excitebike is supposed to come with the May firmware update, and I think there are plans for more 3d updates to old 8bit games. The only other title I’m aware of is a Mega Man Legends game that Capcom is floating to see whether or not a full MML sequel will sell.

Edit: if people really want DSiware recommendations, here goes:
Mighty Flip Champs (WayForward) – a puzzle platformer centered around the mechanic of “flipping” through various layers of the level. Probably my favorite game on DSiware.
Mighty Milky Way (WayForward) – another puzzle-platformer, gameplay revolves around creating planets and exploding them in order to reach a level exit.
Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (WayForward) – an adventure-platformer in the Castlevania vein, but a little lighter.
Digidrive, Boxlife, Aquia (Nintendo) – if you like puzzle games, basically all of the Art Style games are quite good, with these three being my personal favorites.
Dragon Quest Wars (Square Enix) – a very short-form strategy game using DQ characters. Has a nice board game feel to it and is good to play in short chunks.
Starship Defense (Nintendo) – a really nice tower defense game with a cool aesthetic.
Earth Saver (Gamebridge) – a puzzle game evoking Dig Dug 2. Plant charges on fault lines to break up meteors falling to earth.

There’s no doubt that Nintendo has egregiously mismanaged both DSiware and Wiiware, but there’s some genuinely good stuff on offer if you’re willing to look past the flood of notebook software and weird digital novels for children.

Good luck finding one better.

Outside of Ocarina, which really should have been a launch title, this is one bone-dry post launch period.

Oy, I guess I’m going to sell mine + GR:Shadow Wars on eBay and hope for a price drop this Xmas and maybe some new titles, otherwise it’s sitting in a drawer for no reason for 6+ months.

No possible way there’s a price drop that soon. Just keep it. It’ll be worth having eventually. Never sell systems.

I dunno, my PS3 basically existed for Valkyria Chronicles, my PSP existed for Jeanne D’Arc, in both cases I probably would have just been better off selling them and then rebuying the newer, slimmer versions. I’m somewhat surprised just how few titles come out that I care about.

The handhelds are the last refuge of the turn based strategy games I enjoy, which is why I keep coming back to them.

And I think a price drop may not be that crazy, they’re really expensive (iPod Touch territory) and not selling particularly well.

As a barometer, my 10 year old son told me he wanted an iPod Touch for his birthday instead of a 3DS, and he’s basically had a Nintendo handheld back to his earliest memories as a kid. The iPod Touch is also nice because iTunes gift cards make convenient presents.

I picked one up recently with trade credit knowing I’d want it eventually. I’d have gotten Ghost Recon with the system, but there have been rumors of it coming to iOS.

Ocarina of Time has been getting very high praise as if it’s like playing an all new game. I wouldn’t write that off so quickly.

Dead or Alive looks like it’s solid. I’ve had a blast with Ridge Racer, too.

Class of Heroes 3D will hopefully make it to the US sometime this year, too.

There are a lot of games in development for the system. Seems silly to discard it so quickly.

I don’t know. I’d wait until after E3 before moving my system. I’d expect to learn a lot about the coming Summer and Fall in just a few weeks.