Upcoming Civ IV patch

I don’t think this has been posted yet…


I just wanted to let everyone know that as of Monday afternoon, the patch was sent to 2K for final testing, so barring any problems in QA, we will be releasing it shortly.

Some of the highlights include multiple AI improvements and tweaks, worker behavior tweaks, MANY game play improvements (ex Animal Husbandry reveals horses), promotion tweaks, a softer pillage sound (requested by many, many people), fixed diplomatic exploits (gold for gold, peace treaty exploit), multiplayer tweaks (Hot seat, Lobby, etc.), memory, caching and performance improvements, etc. There were also a number of video card specific fixes.

Yeah that pillage sound got on my nerves a lot.


With a bit of luck it will be out this week then.

Hopefully more people can enjoy the Civ-goodness then. I’ve lucked out and have few problems although a little performance boost and memory leak fix would be very welcome. Still those two are probably related in my case so if the fix the memory problem I’ll be golden.

My biggest problem with Civ at the moment is finding the time to play it, but no patch is going to help with that I guess :(

My main annoyances have been with the interface which feels unfinished. I didn’t notice any improvements mentioned there.

I could reduce slowdowns and graphics errors by updating to a beta driver for my Audigy card and extensive fiddling with the ini file. Wonder movies keep stuttering, though. I thought updating to the binkw32.dll version on Apolyton had fixed it but no such luck. Agree about the tiny, fiddly, sluggish interface. The delayed event notifications are annoying as well.

Yeah, I guess this game wasn’t quite ready for release…

One interface idiosyncrasy I’d like fixed is that the text describing the advisor buttons is waaay down on the opposite side of the screen. Who thought this was a good idea?

I haven’t looked at the official boards, but has anyone else had sound dropouts on the Wonder videos? I got terrible stuttering on some in my first complete game, but in the second (a week later, not yet finished), I didn’t get any. I didn’t update any drivers or remove any viruses or spyware during that first game. I don’t leave the PC on, so it was rebooted several times during this first game – meaning, the memory was flushed, so it wasn’t something resident killing the video stream.

Here’s hoping that they fix the fact that on the religions screen (F7) not all the cities are shown for a big empire, and there doesn’t appear to be any tool to go to the “next page”.

What is this “gold for gold” exploit?

I guess it’s trading equal sums of gold. The transaction would a wash, but it improves diplomatic relations?

A couple of times I’ve asked the AI what it would like from me for X of its gold per week, and it has replied with an empty slot, thus giving me money for nothing.

I’ve been using the Jedi mind trick approach to diplomacy recently:

Me: How 'bout you give me 90 gold, and we sign a peace treaty?
AI: Never!
Me: OK, what will make this deal work, then?
[UI popup: “Only one side can cough stuff up when negotiating a peace treaty”]
AI: How 'bout we give you 90 gold, and we sign a peace treaty?
Me: Deal!

I suspect the AI is trying to add stuff to my side of the deal, the UI prevents it from doing so, but it agrees to the deal anyway since it thinks it suggested it.

There’s also another neat trick.

AI Civ demands an older tech that you have as tribute. You say “no”.

You go into the trade screen, offer said old tech. AI Civ gives you their entire treasury. I’ve gotten several thousand gold this way, which I use to rush production, and focus a couple of cities on great people. That, in turn, gave me a couple of great engineers, which allowed me to complete the Space Elevator way early.

Sound stuttering, like I just mentioned. That seems to be the single most common problem, along with massive slowdowns in the late game.

By the way, Firaxis used the third-party Bink video playback library, and while I haven’t kept a written record I seem to recall that this library has a very high correlation with video playback problems. Going by the startup screen, they’re using a veritable Frankenstein collection of third-party libraries… I suspect this is a big reason for the number of compatibility issues we’re seeing.

Unlikely…or at least, I would think that it’s unlikely. Bink is used in TONS of other titles which have no video playback issues.

I’ve got 2 gigs of RAM and I still get Wonder video stuttering =\

What about chicks for free?

That’s no exploit, though (unless you’re saying there’s a bug that causes them to always give you literally their entire treasury, no matter what the value of the tech you’re offering). I do stuff like that all the time – they demand something for free, I say “Care to negotiate?” and offer it to them as a trade for something.

Well, every time I’ve done this so far, they’ve offered me their entire treasury – sometimes several thousand gold. At the very least, it’s an AI issue that needs to be fixed.

This may not be an example of bad AI. I haven’t picked up Civ4 yet, but in Civ3 every tech would take a minimum of four turns to research. In larger empires, dropping your research to 0% for four turns could net you thousands of gold in the late game. So a “smart” AI would be perfectly willing to fork over its entire treasury for a tech.

If this is totally not how Civ4 works, feel free to ignore me.

I don’t believe there’s a minimum time to research a tech in Civ 4.

Every time I read about an upcoming patch for a game with such an extensive list of fixes/improvements I lose the desire to keep playing until said patch comes out. I sure hope it’s out by this weekend or at least before the Turkeyday holiday.

1 turn, I think. :lol: