Upcoming DS WiFi titles

With the release of Mario Kart and Animal Crossing, I guess Nintendo is starting to get serious about the awesome WiFi potential of DS.

I certainly am blown away by Kart online, and it’s making me thirsty for more WiFi action.

Does anyone know anything about upcoming WiFi DS titles, or have a handy link thing? I checked the Nintendo site but the only future title seems to be Metroid Prime Hunters, which I’m not that bothered about.

Also, what’s the deal with the PSP equivalent of Nintendo’s WFC? To be honest I’ve hardly touched my PSP since I got it and have fallen way behind the latest developments. Are there PSP titles that offer online matchmaking a la Kart?*


  • Come on, you’ve got to admit “a la Kart” is brilliant.[/size]

How can you not be looking forward to Metroid Hunters? It’s the main reason I bought the DS in the first place.

I was skeptical of the touch screen for FPS play. An hour with the demo made me a believer.

PSP devs seem to be pretty adamant against including infrastructure support in their multiplayer titles. Even a title built on internet play like SWBF2 doesn’t support it (terrible port, too). Nor does Burnout Legends or GTA:LCS. The Twisted Metal PSP game does support online play, but I didn’t enjoy the game very much.

SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo and Infected both have excellent PSP infrastructure support. I heartily recommend SOCOM – I reviewed it for the next issue of Computer Games Magazine – and only somewhat recommend Infected.


TBA (Take 2/2K Games)

I rather doubt it, but I suddenly have a vision of a hand-held Civilization.

Maybe if they come out with a different thumb-pointer thingie. The one attached to the carrying strap is annoying.

I never use the thumb strap, it’s way too awkward. Maybe if I had ever gotten used to those thumb trackballs, but I didn’t like those either.

I just use the stylus. If it’s uncomfortable, try one of those longer 3rd party ones. The size that fits into the back of the unit is too short for an adult’s grasp, I think.

Anyway, it’s Metroid. I’d play it with my feet if they told me I had to.

I’m hoping that with the release of those two games, the devs will get a push to be more ahem supportive of the infrastructure mode. I would love to hear why Savage Entertainment couldn’t implement any kind of infrastructure mode in Battlefront II.

This is from the director of Metal Gear Acid 2:

I’m sorry, I really wanted to put in an infrastructure mode, but we just couldn’t do it in time. My team and I always play in Ad hoc mode, and I think I might be the weakest player on the team. [Laughs]

Damn them. Well at least this is the first JP creator even acknowledging infrastructure’s existance.