Upcoming HOMM-like

The HD mod also has a few improvements and fixes. Like not using power in a busy cycle while nothing is happening and some more tooltips and QOL buttons.

HoMM5 is actually good. It’s the last good game in the series. The map tools were pretty good as well. There are some excellent fan made maps and campaigns out there. I remember playing a fan made Necropolis campaign that was just excellent. Unfortunately, it was made for the original HoMM5 and the expansions with their changes to the Necromancer class skills broke it. I really wish the author had updated it to work with Tribes of the East.

I agree with all of this. 6 and 7 had some really good points to them, to be fair, and I’d argue that 7 is actually in good shape with regards to being feature complete (so many options from random/static skills to random maps and really fun branching building/upgrade choices, and it looks fantastic - the only reason I can’t say it’s better than V just at the moment is I’m not very familiar with it, but I played the hell out of V).

So thankful for this thread. No joke, I was laying in bed last night thinking of HoMM2/3. I bought HoMM Complete on GOG, installed the mods, and I am really delighted right now.


Hopefully not Disciples 3, completely lost the magic of that series.

And if it’s Disciples 1 or 2, it may have pre-dated current online stores.

Songs of Conquests - those graphics aren’t going to work on my system (too pixelated for good clarity).

You can buy Disciples 1 and 2 on gog.com, and they are on sale atm.

I definitely had Disciples 2 on disc.


I think I still have my Disciple 2 Disc… But no way to play them.

I don’t know. Looks more than fine to me:

Ahhh, Songs of Conquest just looks so perfect. I want it now.

I admit I never really got into mainline HOMM2 or HOMM3 games, but I played the crap out of the spin-off Heroes Chronicles games they sold separately. I traveled through the airport in Singapore a lot (wow, what a strange concept these days) and there was a little store there that had quite a few of them, so they were great transit games. Later I tried to play HOMM3 and… well, it kept kicking my ass in the very first mission. I still haven’t beaten it to this day. I think it’s because Chronicles encouraged exploration and had a much reduced enemy AI element, so I need to unlearn what I have learned etc. Either that, or I suck.

Every so often I will fire it up and give it another go. Today may be that day! Oh heck, I have to watch that terrible pre-rendered intro again…

This is exactly what I was thinking.

Oh travel games. It’s how I got hooked on Warlords Battlecry. We got WBC 2 right before we travelled to the US, so my brothers and I took turns playing it in the Airport.

Browsing this thread again, I just remembered I actually dreamed of this last night, after reading your post: I was mouse hovering over some interface and it was showing which HOMM2 class were implemented or not. I should mention I haven’t anything HOMM installed right now, so uh. Games have made their way into my subconscious.

I was really really over the pixel art fad, but the recent move to utilize modern post processing effects and the like in pixel art games has me back in again.

Being such a huge fan and reflecting after reading through this thread, it’s weird how little I remember of the franchise I recall following the renaming of the series in V, I think it was. I guess I’m not as a big a fan as I built up in my head. II, II and IV, I played tons of. V I played a bit, but my recollection of VI and VII is practically nonexistent.

I’m trying to stay away from Early Access and work on my backlog, but I’ve got to admit if Songs of Conquest was on EA, I’d buy it yesterday.

Just play the Horn of the Abyss mod, it’s the best by far, with the most active community and online MP support.