Upcoming HOMM-like

Oh travel games. It’s how I got hooked on Warlords Battlecry. We got WBC 2 right before we travelled to the US, so my brothers and I took turns playing it in the Airport.

Browsing this thread again, I just remembered I actually dreamed of this last night, after reading your post: I was mouse hovering over some interface and it was showing which HOMM2 class were implemented or not. I should mention I haven’t anything HOMM installed right now, so uh. Games have made their way into my subconscious.

I was really really over the pixel art fad, but the recent move to utilize modern post processing effects and the like in pixel art games has me back in again.

Being such a huge fan and reflecting after reading through this thread, it’s weird how little I remember of the franchise I recall following the renaming of the series in V, I think it was. I guess I’m not as a big a fan as I built up in my head. II, II and IV, I played tons of. V I played a bit, but my recollection of VI and VII is practically nonexistent.

I’m trying to stay away from Early Access and work on my backlog, but I’ve got to admit if Songs of Conquest was on EA, I’d buy it yesterday.

Just play the Horn of the Abyss mod, it’s the best by far, with the most active community and online MP support.