Upcoming Local Gaming Conventions

I thought it might be nice to have a single thread for local small gaming conventions and events, in case people going might want to meet up. You never know who is in the area.

Anyway, there is a convention happening relatively close to me in Harrisburg PA, called Save Against Fear. It doesn’t look huge, but 15 dollars for a single day seems like a fun time.

If anyone is interested in meeting up, that would be great.

I think this is a pretty badass Idea for a thread!

Thank you. I had never heard about this convention until a friend of mine brought it to my attention today, but now I’m going!

I think these small events or conventions might be really cool, and if people live nearby, might make great meet ups.

Also, if someone here is organizing an event, or tournament or convention, I want to know about it!

Well, my local gaming convention is PAX Prime, and it’s so friggin’ massive I get hives just hearing about the size of the crowd, never actually been myself. So I guess I’ll just admire this thread from the sidelines.


Ah. Yes. Board and/or role playing games. Funny thing - I think of myself as a board gaming dilettante, for the most part. And would you believe I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons in my life? Still, the convention does sound intriguing.

I think that was the whole point of the thread.


@legowarrior, you might want to add “Upcoming” to your thread title. Otherwise you’ll just get random unorganized postings of “local conventions that exist”.

Was it? I did not infer from the term “gaming conventions” that this means board and roleplaying games only, but if I’m bulled my way into the wrong topic, my bad.

I think you inferred correctly. When you assume, Mr. Dive…

You, uh, save nine in time? Yes, I’m almost certainly that’s how it goes.

The first post/OP was about a boardgame convention. Maybe I’m the one who is wrong…

That is a great idea.

Although the convention I posted was for boardgames, the general idea is to shed light on some of the smaller local events that people might not realize are happening.

Although, I think that would usually be boardgames, it could anything gaming related that draws a crowd.