Upcoming Radeon cards bringing ATI(AMD) back to the table?

If you’ll note, the vender supplied 3DMark06 benchmarks that are given seem to indicate that at similar price points for the new parts, such as the HD3870 and HD3850, there is performance parity. Some parts seem to be faster for cheaper as well.

Of course, this assumes that this slide isn’t just a complete fabrication.

I’m crossing my fingers because competition is a good thing for consumers. :)

Agreed. It’s been a full year since the 8800GTX came out and there’s been nothing better except the mild “upgrade” for insane rich people known as the 8800 Ultra.

I just hope those scores aren’t based on cards that uses a hundred more watts than their competitor’s.

I believe the new ATI chips are fabbed on a 55nm process, even smaller than the G92s from nVidia and are expected to draw less power and create less heat. But, yeah, we’ll see.

I think it was one of the hardware guys from PCG or such that mentioned they had one or two of these new ATI cards already but that they couldn’t talk about it at all, other than to say that people may want to wait and see how it compares. :O

Edit: Early tests with the HD 2900 Pro show that it’s not much faster than the 320MB GeForce 8800 GTS; I think the price should come in around the same as the 512MB 8800GT, so Nvidia has the lead here by a mile. I think the 2900 Pro still may be the R600 core though?

I think the answer is “no.”

The HD 38xx series benchmarks aren’t out yet, so I’m saying “Who knows”. :)

Yes, the 2900 Pro is essentially a clock binned 2900 XT. It has no bearing on the rumored new ATI cards (other than the last rumored big ATI cards disappointed so these might as well I suppose.)